Kresge Parliament


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Student Government

Kresge College has an active student Parliament that meets in the Seminar Room (159) every Thursday at 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. to discuss major college and University issues. Parliament's mission is to help initiate, develop and sponsor college events with Kresge affiliates and campus-wide student organizations.

Parliament offers students opportunities for community service, support and activism in a setting emphasizing participatory democracy.

Steps for requesting funding

  1. Download a Budget Request form (PDF) (hard copy versions are available in the Kresge College Programs Office).
  2. SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts & Diversity organizations also need to download and turn in the Funding Award to a Student Organization financial form with their budget funding request.
  3. Return the completed Budget Request forms to either the Kresge College Programs Office or email the completed forms to Be sure to include the name of your organization, affiliation, and a contact person's email.
  4. Budget Request Forms must be completed and submitted at least 8 days before presenting at Parliament

Kresge Parliament Positions

Chair Hana King

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Serves as the liaison between the college administration and the student body
  • Facilitates all Parliament meetings
  • Develops the agenda for each meeting
  • Serves as the contact person for most Parliament related issues
  • Coordinates the efforts to ensure that Parliament is running smoothly (i.e. minutes are distributed, treasurer is up to date, representatives are attending sub-committee meetings, etc.)
  • Ensures that all positions are filled
  • Elected in Spring Quarter for the following year

Vice Chair Toan Vo

  • Fills in for any absent Officials during meetings of the Parliament. This includes serving as the temporary Chair in the absence of the official Chair
  • Must ensure that all activities of the Parliament function according to the Constitution
  • Must declare all unconstitutional activities as such
  • Must assist the Chair whenever possible
  • Has the option of convening and chairing a Constitutional Congress


  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Supplies Budget Request Forms at all meetings
  • Keeps a record of all Parliament's financial transactions
  • Keeps a record of all Kresge Core Council's financial transactions
  • Contacts all persons who have requested money from Parliament to inform them of Parliament's decision (within 48 hours)
  • Distributes copies of all Budget Request Forms to the Financial Assistant, the College Programs Coordinator, and the requesting party (by the end of Friday)
  • Meets with the Financial Assistant at least once a quarter to balance records


  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Takes detailed minutes of the meetings including all funding proposals and decisions, brief comments on discussions, announcements, and officer reports
  • Distributes minutes to all Kresge College staff, the other college student government, and all Parliament members
  • Brings the minutes to the following meeting to be approved by Parliament

Outreach Officers 

  • Must publicly display the agenda for each meeting
  • Responsible for controlling/maintaining all online outreach efforts made by the Parliament
  • Must actively outreach to the Kresge community by creating/displaying all posters, etc.
  • Has the option of forming an Outreach Committee

Transfer Community Representative 

  • Must accurately represent the voice of the Kresge Transfer Student Community
  • It is recommended that the Transfer Community Representative either currently live in the transfer community at Porter or be a Kresge Transfer Student themselves

Current Affairs Officer 

  • Responsible for giving a short brief on current affairs
  • Brief can include local, national, and bizarre news

Core Council Representative 

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Attends all Core Council meetings (3 per quarter)
  • Represents Kresge College at Core Council meetings
  • Listens to funding proposals brought to Core Council and presents them to Parliament for a vote
  • Reports Parliament's funding decisions to Core Council by completing the Core Council Funding Voucher

Student Union Assembly (SUA) Representatives (3 positions) Attends all Parliament meetings

  • Attends all SUA meetings
  • Represents Kresge College by voting in SUA meetings
  • Presents weekly reports to Parliament on SUA activity and brings forth any issues that Parliament may need to vote on
  • Informs Kresge Parliament about campus-wide issues

Student Committee of Committees (SCOC) Representative  

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Attends all ICSA meetings
  • Reports to Parliament all campus committee positions available and supplies applications for those positions
  • Answers questions about the various campus committees and actively recruits Kresge students to fill any open positions on those committees

Academic Senate Representative  

  • Attends all Parliament Meetings
  • Attends all Academic Senate Meetings (2 per quarter, approx.)
  • Reports to Parliament all relevant issues regarding the Academic Senate
  • Represents Kresge College through participation in the Academic Senate.

Student Union Governance Board (SUGB) Representative Presents weekly reports to Parliament on SUGB activity

  • Brings forth any issues that Parliament may need to vote on
  • Informs Kresge Parliament about campus-wide issues
  • Represents Kresge College by voting in SUGB meetings

Positions can be re-voted on each quarter. Experience has shown that a year-long commitment to a position works best. If a person can no longer fulfill the duties of their position, they must try to find a replacement. If they cannot find a replacement, it is the Chair's responsibility to assume the position until a replacement is found.

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