Kresge Parliament

Student Government

Kresge College has an active student government that meets Monday evenings at 6:30-8:00pm during weeks 1-9 of the academic quarter to discuss major college and university issues. Kresge is a member of the Kresge Affiliates and Campus-wide Student Organizations.

Kresge Parliament offers opportunities for community service, support, and activism in a setting emphasizing participatory democracy.

Steps for requesting funding

  1. Fill out our Kresge Parliament Budget Request Form (
  2. SOAR / Student Media / Arts & Cultural Diversity Organizations also need to download and turn to the  Funding Award to a Student Organization.
  3. Email the SOMeCA form to to Be sure to include the name of your organization, affiliation, and contact person's email.
  4. Budget Request Forms must be completed and submitted at least TWO WEEKS before presenting at Parliament.

Get to know Kresge Parliament Core Members!

Positions can be re-voted each quarter. Experience has shown that a year-long commitment to a position works best. A text document of PowerPoint is available here! 

Kresge College Student Parliament Constitution

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