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Student Government

Kresge College has an active student in the Seminar Room (159) every Thursday at 6:00 - 7:30 pm to discuss major college and university issues. Kesge is a member of the Kresge Affiliates and Campus-wide Student Organizations.

Parliament offers opportunities for community service, support and activism in a setting emphasizing participatory democracy.

Steps for requesting funding

  1. Download a  Budget Request form (PDF)  (hard copy versions are available in the Kresge College Programs Office).
  2. SOAR / Student Media / Arts & Cultural Diversity Organizations also need to download and turn into the  Funding Award to a Student Organization .
  3. Kresge College Programs Office or email the completed forms to KresgeParliament @ . Be sure to include the name of your organization, affiliation, and a contact person's email.
  4. Budget Request Forms must be completed and submitted at least 8 days before presenting at Parliament

Kresge Parliament Positions

Chair  Hana King

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Serves as the liaison between the college administration and the student body
  • Facilitates all Parliament meetings
  • Develops the agenda for each meeting
  • Parliament related issues
  • Coordinates to ensure that Parliament is running smoothly (ie minutes are distributed, treasurer is up to date, representatives are attending sub-committee meetings, etc.)
  • Ensures that all positions are filled
  • Elected in Spring Quarter for the following year

Vice Chair  Toan Vo

  • Fills in for any absent Officials during meetings of the Parliament. This includes the use of the temporary chair in the absence of the official chair
  • According to the Constitution
  • Must declare all unconstitutional activities
  • Must assist the Chair whenever possible
  • Has the option of convening and chairing a Constitutional Congress

Treasurer  Bradley Jim

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Supplies Budget Forms at all meetings
  • Keeps a record of all Parliament's financial transactions
  • Keeps a record of all Kresge Core Council's financial transactions
  • All the people who have asked for money from Parliament to inform them of Parliament's decision (within 48 hours)
  • Distributed copies of all Budget Request Forms to the Financial Assistant, the College Programs Coordinator, and the requesting party (by the end of Friday)
  • Meets with the Financial Assistant at least once a quarter to balance records

Secretary  Michelle Hua

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Takes detailed minutes of the meetings including all funding proposals and decisions, briefings on discussions, announcements, and reporting reports
  • Distributes to all Kresge College staff, the other college students, and all members
  • Brings the minutes to the meeting to be approved by Parliament

Outreach Officer  Michelle Hua

  • Must publicly display the agenda for each meeting
  • Responsible for controlling / maintaining
  • Must actively outreach to the Kresge community by creating / displaying all posters, etc.
  • Has the option of forming an Outreach Committee

Transfer Community Representative  Toan Vo

  • Must accurately represent the voice of the Kresge Transfer Student Community
  • It is recommended that the Transfer Community Representative be transferred to Porter or Kresge Transfer Student themselves

Current Affairs Officer  Liza Mednikov

  • Responsible for giving brief brief on current affairs
  • Brief can include local, national, and bizarre news

Core Council Representative  Hana King

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Attend all Core Council meetings (3 per quarter)
  • Represents Kresge College at Core Council meetings
  • Listening to the vote for a vote
  • Reports Parliament's funding decisions to Core Council by completing the Core Council Funding Voucher

Student Union Assembly (SUA) Representatives  Quinn Chalmers, Joselie Dubon, Ian Gregorio

  • Attends all SUA meetings
  • Represents Kresge College by voting in SUA meetings
  • Presents weekly reports to Parliament on SUA activity and brings forth any issues that Parliament may need to vote on
  • Informs Kresge Parliament about campus-wide issues
  • Attends all Parliament meetings

Student Committee of Committees (SCOC)  Gavin Honig 

  • Attends all Parliament meetings
  • Attends all ICSA meetings
  • Reports to Parliament
  • Answers questions about the various campus committees and actively recruits Kresge students to fill any open positions on those committees

Academic Senate Representative  Nick Zandbergen 

  • Attends all Parliament Meetings
  • Attend all Academic Senate Meetings (2 per quarter, approx.)
  • Reports of the Academic Senate
  • Represents Kresge College through participation in the Academic Senate.

Student Union Governance Board (SUGB) Representative  Ryan Melton

  • Informs Kresge Parliament about campus-wide issues
  • Represents Kresge College by voting in SUGB meetings
  • Brings forth any issues that Parliament may need to vote on

Positions can be re-voted on each quarter. Experience has shown that a year-long commitment to a position works best. If you want to find a job, if you want to find a job, you need a job .

Kresge College Student Parliament Constitution