At Kresge, the Provost focuses on creating and supporting events and courses that complement UCSC's rigorous academic programs, usually with a more hands-on approach that centers on community-oriented learning, sustainability, and nonviolent social change.

  • We are pleased to announce Kresge Lab, a new series of 2-3 credit courses in which students explore subjects such as music performance, creative writing, natural history, photography, and agro-ecology, in conversations that emphasize hands-on experience and peer-to-peer collaboration
  • With courses in sustainable food systems and labs and internships in the Kresge Garden, students get hands-on gardening experience while learning about food production both locally and globally.
  • Students in Kresge's Service Learning classes give back to the Santa Cruz community, earning college credit while working with local nonprofit organizations and elementary schools.
  • Transformative Action inspires students to create nonviolent social change through community-oriented projects based on a curriculum that combines nonviolence and psychology, sustainability, and social justice.
  • Other courses Kresge has offered in the recent past include The Writer as Witness, centered around social-action writing and community service, and Prison Narratives.
  • Kresge also hosts the Writers House residential program and its own Writing Center.

Kresge has been long associated with the Literature Department and the Creative Writing concentration, the Feminist Studies Department, the Writing Program, and the Science Communication Program. As a college we welcome all students, with their wide-ranging interests and backgrounds. We hope that each new student will become an active participant in developing the academic community at Kresge.

Provost Ben Leeds Carson oversees Kresge's academic life, supporting Kresge's academic vision and academic advising, and developing Kresge's college-sponsored courses. Provost Carson is a professor of Music. We keep a regularly updated page of the Provost’s communications with the community at News From the Provost.