Student Scholarships & Grants

Kresge Undergraduate Research Mentorships

  • Up to three $1,000 grants awarded annually: $500 to support your role in a faculty mentor's research, and  $500 of unrestricted funds contributed to further that mentor's existing research. 
  • Research can include scholarship, creative work, laboratory work, translation, design, software development, data analysis or management, ethnography, or field study, participant/observation work, and/or empirical study, in any discipline.
  • Aimed at supporting faculty research in which an undergraduate plays a substantial collaborative role, cultivating research skills that prepare them for graduate study
  • Applications may propose new projects, or new efforts within your mentor's projects already underway.

Kresge’s Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program pairs Kresge Students with faculty members, and supports their work as paid research apprentices to the faculty member's research. The purpose of the program is to inspire and prepare Kresge students to pursue graduate studies/research after their graduation from UCSC. Special consideration is given to applications in which faculty express clear intentions to mentor students in specific ways, and have envisioned specific roles in which students learn styles of thinking and investigation crucial to their field.

Fall 2021 application instructions 

Please submit to the following information in support of your proposal by December 6, 2021:

  1. Your department affiliation(s)
  2. A concise proposal, between 300 and 600 words in length, describing aims, methods, and likely timeframe of the proposed research
  3. Specific description of your collaborative role
  4. A brief statement from your faculty mentor, affirming their support and intention to direct or supervise the project

This mentorship opportunity is not meant to support students' independent research projects, but to support them as they work with faculty on faculty-directed research. Students seeking support for their own research should consider the Kresge College Independent and Collaborative Student Project Funds (see below).


Kresge Student Projects

Kresge College offers annual support for a limited number of undergraduate Kresge student projects. Several project types are eligible for consideration: 1) scholarly research; 2) creative and performance work; and 3) public events or similar projects that make substantive contributions to community solidarity, or to social, political, or environmental awareness. Please see the links below for guidelines, information on eligibility and the application:

Registered student organizations should seek funding from the Funding Bodies through Student Organization Advising & Resources (SOAR). 

Proposals will be accepted only from registered undergraduate students affiliated with Kresge College. Funding can be partial, matching, or full. Awards are granted based on the merit of the proposed project and the expected benefit of the project to the college and/or university community. An effort will be made to maximize the number of students who may benefit from these limited funds.

Proposals will be evaluated for funding once during the academic year.  The Deadline is March 21, 2022. Applications must be emailed to the College Academic Manager ( or turned in to the Kresge College Office (Attn: CAM) by 4pm of the deadline.

Please direct any questions about the proposal and award process to College Academic Programs Coordinator Labris Willendorf at

For additional information on undergraduate funding opportunities at UCSC, please see the Arts Division website. Please also consider campus-wide undergraduate research opportunities.


The Reyna Grande Scholarship is awarded annually to an enrolled student at Kresge College with a proposed creative project, either in an Arts Division department or in the Creative Writing Program is intended to advance the standing and visibility of Latinx culture and history. The scholarship recipient’s proposed work might promote positive outcomes for Latinx communities, challenge established narratives about, or otherwise strengthen dialogue about or around Latinx identity. Learn more here.

The Carol H. Bennett Scholarship was established in the name of Carol Hope Bennett, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. The scholarship provides educational support for Kresge students who have financial need, including but not limited to emergency situations. Students who filed a FAFSA (financial aid application) will be considered on the basis of need by the Financial Aid office. It is admininstered by financial aid.

The David Wayne Christenson Scholarship honors Kresge and Cowell College students with demonstrated public service to the university, high academic merit, and documented financial need. One to two Kresge Students are selected each year.

Should a student have a financial emergency or crisis situation, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 201 Hahn Students Services, or call them at 831-459-2963.

Joshua, Marcia, and Theodore Alper Scholarship Fund

Stevenson will be taking Spring scholarships applications March 30 - April 13. The Joshua, Marcia, and Theodore Alper Scholarship awards five students $4,700 each. It goes to four Stevenson students and one from any other college.

Josh Alper Marines had an infectious laugh, warm and generous heart, and though incredibly humble was a musical visionary in his own right. Josh recognized talent in others and through music and performances reimagined mod and psychedelic folk music and fluxus art by bringing out the best creativity in his co-conspirators in the underground and indie music scenes in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Above all Josh cherished his family and friends, had a great reverence for Santa Cruz and for those he called his fellow travellers, ordinary people who use their talents to live the dream by following their hearts.

Scholarship Award: $4,700


  • The award is given to five students each year to four Stevenson students and one undergraduate from any other college.
  • Awardees must be in good academic standing and have financial need.
  • The Joshua, Marcia, and Theodore Alper Scholarship celebrates students who demonstrate the independent DIY spirit; inspire others by being inclusive and community minded; have done projects (large or small, creative or practical, funny or serious, elegant or mind blowing) and or share values that celebrate life and beauty in others, cross language and cultural barriers; rally people together for a cause, purpose or fun; and are humane to others.
  • Brief final write up due by the end of the academic year, which shares about your project and how the funding was used. Please include images or video if possible.
  • To Apply click on link below