Student Scholarships & Grants



Two Reyna Grande Scholarships will be awarded annually: one to an undergraduate student affiliated with Kresge College and one to an undergraduate student at any of the colleges at UCSC. The scholarship is for creative projects—involving arts, writing, or other creative media work—intended to advance the standing and visibility of Latinx culture and history. Learn more here.

The David Wayne Christenson Scholarship honors Kresge College students with demonstrated public service to the university (e.g. involvement in student government or other student or campus activities), high academic merit, and documented financial need. One to two Kresge Students are selected each year. Application information can be found here.

The Carol H. Bennett Scholarship was established in the name of Carol Hope Bennett, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. The scholarship provides educational support for Kresge students who have financial need, including but not limited to emergency situations. This scholarship is administered by the Financial Aid office; students who filed a FAFSA (financial aid application) will be considered on the basis of need.

If you are a student with a financial emergency or crisis situation, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 201 Hahn Students Services, or call them at 831-459-2963.


Kresge Student Projects

Kresge College has a modest fund to support Kresge students in the following three areas: 1) scholarly research; 2) creative and artistic endeavors; and 3) public events that make substantive contributions to community solidarity, or to social, political, or environmental awareness

Proposals will be accepted only from registered Kresge College undergraduate students, and will be judged competitively in terms of merit.  In making awards, efforts will be made to maximize the number of students who may benefit from these limited funds.  Additionally, the extent to which a project will benefit a college or the University community will be considered. Awards will be granted quarterly.

The deadline to apply for Spring quarter is Friday May 17, 2024


Note: Funding Request for events sponsored by registered student organizations should be directed to Core Council Funding through Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR).


Eligibility Guidelines

  1. The applicant must be a registered undergraduate Kresge student when the proposal is submitted and during the time the funds will be used. Students receiving funds for summer projects do not have to be registered for Summer Session but must register for the following fall or winter quarter.
  2. There is a $750 maximum reimbursement for all funding proposals.
  3. The funds will not subsidize Education Abroad programs, class enrollment fees, salaries or personal living expenses.
  4. All proposals for funding must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation for the project, written by a relevant faculty member.
  5. Completed projects will not be considered for funding; nor can any project receive funding more than once from this funding source.
  6. The applicant must be able to demonstrate the technical ability and academic preparation to carry out the project successfully and according to schedule.
  7. Campus accounting procedures specify that funds are not intended to be spent on gift items. Funding for gifts and mementos, including recognition or award plaques, will not be approved.
  8. The applicant of a project must apply for funds directly. If an event is to be co-proposed, a proposal may be co-authored.


To apply, please submit: 

1.) An abstract (500 words/3000 characters) describing your project.

2.) A PDF of your project proposal that includes:

  • Narrative - The narrative description of the project should be double spaced, and limited to three pages. It should include the following sections: 
    • Background or need for the project: What needs to be done and why?
    • Objective(s): What are the proposed outcomes of the project ?
    • Procedures: How the objectives will be met; the design of the project. Who, Where, How, and When - be specific.
    • Personal qualifications: Demonstrate that you have the technical ability or background to carry out the project.
    • Dissemination of results: Who benefits or is affected? How?
  • Budget: A complete, itemized budget - preferably with price quotes from specific vendors.

3.) Faculty Sponsor Approval: All proposals must be accompanied by a PDF of an email from your faculty sponsor approving your proposal narrative and budget. The email must clearly show their name and cruzid, and their approval for the proposal. 

Application materials should be submitted to

Please direct any questions about the proposal and award process to Julia Conley, the Kresge College Academic Manager, at

For additional information on undergraduate funding opportunities, check out campus-wide undergraduate research opportunities.

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