Kresge College

Welcome to Kresge College

Kresge was the sixth college established at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Founded in 1971, it was designed with the concept of participatory democracy as a means of encouraging a strong sense of community. The vision was for the college to be a place where students enjoyed a sense of creativity, community, and individuality.



Power and Representation, the Kresge core course that is required for all first-year students, examines the many ways we constitute ourselves as individuals in relation to communities, focusing on representations of class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and race. First-year students who choose to live on campus at Kresge will explore these themes in class and in a unique residential space: they are the only of their UCSC peer group to live in apartments in the first year.

Perhaps because Kresge is known for its creativity and independent spirit, it's also known for its association with writing. We house the Writing Program and the Science Communication Program, and our students have enjoyed a longtime association with the Literature major.

More than half the core course faculty are published fiction writers and poets. Kresge has offered journalism courses, comic writing, and writer's read, a course in which students receive credit for going to the Living Writers Series. Kresge's Faculty Fellows include National Book Award winning poet Nathaniel Mackey, National Book Award Finalist and California Book Award winning novelist Karen Tei Yamashita, memoirist Bettina Apthekar, Santa Cruz Poet Laureate Gary Young, and novelist Micah Perks, winner of a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Learn more at the creative writing website.

Kresge is the home of Rapt Magazine, the Writer's House Blog, as well as City On A Hill, UCSC's student-run newspaper. We also house the Common Ground Center.

Kresge's strong sense of community permeates throughout all of our student life and we have many ways of getting involved in our community. We feature leadership opportunities through our student groups Kresge Parliament and the Kresge Multicultural Education Committee (KMEC). We also house four different student-run cooperatives for students to build communities: the Music Co-op, the Food Co-op, the Garden Co-op, and the Photo Co-op. The Kresge Programs Office is your home base for extracurricular involvement.