Kresge Staff Directory

Kresge's Main Office: (831) 459-2071; Fax: (831) 459-5377 (general questions)

Kresge Provost (book appointment): email the College Academic Programs Coordinator; Contact Provost Carson directly at

Kresge Academics & Advising: (831) 459-2071

Kresge Programs Office/Activities: (831) 459-3925

Kresge Housing: (831) 459-4433

Kresge Maintenance Office: (831) 459-3985

To book meeting, entertainment or conference spaces:

  • Ben Leeds Carson

    Provost, Kresge College

    Ben Leeds Carson

    Contact: (831) 459-4512,
    Office: College Office

    Fall 2018 Provost office hours: drop in on Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm and Fridays 10:30-11:30am

    and by appointment

  • Mike Yamauchi-Gleason

    Senior Director College Student Life

    Mike Yamauchi-Gleason

    Contact: (831) 459-5015,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-306A

  • Kresge Academic Office

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    Academic Preceptor


    Contact: (831) 459-4722,
    Office: College Office

  • Sarah Shane-Vasquez

    Academic Adviser

    Sarah Shane-Vasquez

    Contact: (831) 459-4673,
    Office: College Office
  • Esteban Adame

    Academic Adviser

    Esteban Adame

    Contact: (831) 459-4432,
    Office: College Office
  • DeShonne Keller

    College Assistant

    DeShonne Keller

    Contact: (831) 459-2071,
    Office: College Office

  • Beth Hernandez-Jason

    College Academic Programs Coordinator

    Beth Hernandez-Jason

    Contact: (831) 459-4792,
    Office: Kresge 162 (2nd floor College Office)

  • David Shaw

    Advisor for Student Sustainability Projects

    David Shaw

    Office: Kresge 170

  • Student Life and Housing Office

  • Savanah Headley

    Interim Associate Director College Student Life

    Savanah Headley

    Contact: (831) 459-1074,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-304A

  • D.J. Bell

    Housing Coordinator

    D. J. Bell


    Contact: (831) 459-4433,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

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    Residential Life & Housing Office Coordinator

    Raven Davis

    Contact:, 831-459-2746/459-4433
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301
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    Coordinator for Conduct & Education


    Contact: (831) 459-1493
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-302B
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    Assistant Residential Education Coordinator

    Adilene Martinez

    Contact: (831) 459-3262,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-303A

  • Steven Saggese

    Assistant Residential Education Coordinator

    Steven Saggese

    Contact: (831) 459-5759,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-302A
  • Russell Nelson

    Coordinator of Residential Education

    Russell Nelson

    Contact: (831) 502-7124,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-303A

  • Marcos Villanueva

    Coordinator of Residential Education

    Marcos Villanueva

    Contact: (831) 459-1493,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-302A

  • Programs & Student Activities

  • Pam Ackerman

    College Programs Coordinator

    Pam Ackerman

    Contact: (831) 459-4434,
    Office: Programs Office

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    Assistant College Programs Coordinator

    Henry Winters

    Contact: (831) 459-3925, 
    Office: Programs Office

  • Kresge Business Office

  • Sue Roth

    Assistant to the Senior Director College Student Life

    Sue Roth

    Contact: (831) 459-2467,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-306

  • Mary Sierra

    Budget Analyst

    Mary Sierra

    Contact: (831) 459-2037,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-306B

    My name is Mary Sierra and I am the Financial Coordinator for Porter and Kresge Colleges. I take care of all the details of purchasing and analyzing expenditures at the two colleges. I make sure that the expenditures are charged to the correct accounts, also insuring that all proper guidelines are being followed during every step of the process. I do look forward to meeting you.

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    College Intern

    Samantha Chacon

    Office: Kresge Apartment J-304

  • Groundskeeping, Maintenance, and Affiliates

  • Katharina Pierini


    Katharina Pierini

    Contact: (831) 459-2157,
    Office: Groundskeeper Shop

  • Ian Mitchell

    Senior Building Maintenance Worker

    Ian Mitchell

    Office: Maintenance Shop

  • Mussie Gebreyouhans

    Senior Building Maintenance Worker

    Mussie Gebreyouhans

    Office: Maintenance Shop

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    Community Safety Officer Supervisor

    Nicole Albaum

    Contact: (831) 459-5545,
    Office: Porter College, D-105

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    Central Facilities Asset Coordinator

    John Cronin

    Contact: 831-212-5066,

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    Director, STARS at Kresge

    Sara Radoff

    Contact: (831) 459-4968,
    Office: STARS at Kresge Office

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    Food Service Manager, Porter/Kresge Dining Hall

    Mirjam Kuusik

    Contact: (831) 459-4773,
    Offices: Porter-Kresge Dining Hall