Kresge Staff Directory

Kresge's Main Office: (831) 459-2071; Fax: (831) 459-5377 (general questions)

Kresge Provost (book appointment): email the College Academic Manager; Contact Provost Fernando directly at

Kresge Academics & Advising: (831) 459-2071

Kresge Programs Office/Activities: (831) 459-3925

Kresge Housing: (831) 459-4433

Kresge Maintenance Office: (831) 459-3985 CruzFix

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  • Mayanthi Fernando

    Provost, Kresge College

    Mayanthi Fernando

    Contact: (831) 459-4512,
    Office: Kresge College Office

     Summer/Fall Office Hours
     TBD (no appointment necessary)

    I work with faculty, staff, and students to make Kresge both a home and a destination for intrepid learner; helps develop a curriculum that nurtures student passions and instills values of intellectual integrity and free inquiry; collaborates with advisors to support and strengthen our academic community and provide the support students needs to succeed, connects with Kresge’s ‘extended family’ of supporters and donors to envision a powerful future for the college.
  • Kathy Cooney photo

    Interim Senior Director College Student Life

    Kathy Cooney

    Contact: (831) 459-9-5255,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    I oversee all of the Student Life functions of the College (e.g.,residential, programming, facilities, and budgets). I’m a strong student advocate and ally, and I’m a good person to seek out if you don’t know who to go to.


  • Kresge Academic Office

  • Sarah Shane-Vasquez

    Kresge & Porter Lead Academic Preceptor

    Sarah Shane-Vasquez

    Contact: (831) 459-4673,
    Office: Kresge College Office

    I oversee the Kresge and Porter Advising Offices, and work collaboratively with staff and faculty throughout the campus to help ensure the best resources are available to both Kresge and Porter students, from their first orientation meetings, to graduation and beyond. As an adviser, I help students navigate the University’s policies and procedures, find good answers to challenging questions, and find a sense of belonging and purpose at UCSC.

  • photo of CAM

    College Academic Manager

    Julia Conley

    Contact: (831) 459-4792
    Office: Kresge College Office

  • Casey Daubert

    Senior College Advisor

    Casey Daubert

    Contact: (831) 459-4722,
    Office: Kresge College Office

    Greetings Slugs! I'm Casey Daubert, the Senior College Advisor for Kresge College. I'm here to help you feel welcome, guide you through your college experience by actively listening to your goals, aspirations and at times helping you process new challenges that present themselves. Feel free to connect with me for questions on academic policy & procedures, major exploration, or to share how your quarter has been going and to just say hi! I'm proud to be working with you and I encourage you to reach out to the Kresge team when you need our assistance. 
  • No alternative text

    Academic Advisor

    Thao Mai

    Contact: (831) 459-4432,
    Office: Kresge College Office

    I advise students on their academic progress, academic difficulty and empower them to make thoughtful and well-informed decisions related to their academic endeavors.

  • photo of Alexandra Anest

    Peer Advisor

    Alexandra Anest

    Office: Kresge College Office

    I'm Alexandra! I am a fourth year politics and feminist studies double major. I enjoy reading novels, hiking with loved ones, and going on road trips! Looking forward to meeting you :) 

  • photo of Diego Garcia

    Peer Advisor

    Diego Garcia


    Location: Kresge College Office

    Howdy y’all! My name is Diego Garcia. I’m a 4th year literature major with a concentration in creative writing. I love movies, music, adventures, and most importantly reading! (Even though I have so many books yet to read) As one of your Peer Advisors for the 2023-2024 school year, I want to make sure that students like you know that they’re supported in their academic journey. Being a first generation student, I know a few things when it comes to figuring out life away from home, so please reach out with any questions or concerns. I’d be more than happy to help! 

  • photo of Jake MacDonald

    Peer Advisor

    Jake MacDonald

    Location: Kresge College Office

    Hello! I’m a third year literature major who loves telling stories and making people laugh, oftentimes through said stories! I’m also a member of the Cross Country Club (which basically means I’m a glutton for punishment) as well as the Sci-Fi Club. As for my job as Peer Advisor goes, I'm here to answer any questions or concerns you may have (either that or I'll be directing you to people who can!) I know this is a massive campus, in more ways than one, so I hope I can alleviate your worries and help you on your journey at UCSC! 

  • photo of Meryt Roantree

    Peer Advisor

    Meryt Roantree

    Office: Kresge College Office

    Hi all! I'm Meryt (she/her) and I am a second year student from the Bay Area. I am a psychology and sociology double major who plans to pursue a master's degree in social work in the future! In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors. As a student who had a difficult time adjusting to college life and schoolwork, I am passionate about supporting others in their journey and helping them to find methods that work for them. I am so excited to meet with you all and help you to succeed here at UCSC in any way that I can!
  • photo

    College Assistant & Mailroom Supervisor


    Contact:  831-459-2071,
    Office: Kresge College Office

    Hello there! My role is Kresge Mailroom Manager and Receptionist for our Kresge College Advising Office. Please contact me with any mail related questions, or to book an advising appointment. Cheers!  

  • Student Life and Housing Office

  • Kathy Cooney

    Associate Director College Student Life

    Kathy Cooney

    Contact: (831) 459-5255,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    As the Associate Director College Student Life, my role is to make sure that you all are having a safe enjoyable time during your time living with us. I work Collaboratively with the Coordinators for Residential Education, Housing Coordinator, Housing Office Manager, and various offices on campus to assist in the development and organization of housing assignments, student conduct, student programs, safety and security of all of you, and much more. Ultimately my goal is creating an environment that is inclusive and where you all can succeed academically and personally.


  • photo of Natasha Katznelson

    Housing Coordinator

    Natasha Katznelson

    Contact: (831) 459-4433,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    I help students secure housing in an effort to foster a sense of belonging and community with opportunities for their success.

  • photo of Laurick Calcanno

    Residential Life & Housing Office Coordinator

    Laurick Calanno

    Contact: (831) 459-4433,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    Housing questions? I can help! I manage all residential key access and help keep residents safe. I also serve as the housing office manager.


  • slug image

    Assistant Director, Residential Education

    Angela Drury

    Contact: (831) 459-1493,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-302

  • No alternative text

    Coordinator for Conduct and Education


    Contact: (831) 459-3262
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301
  • No alternative text

    Coordinator for Conduct and Education

    Jaclyn Rojo

    Contact: (831) 459-5759
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-303


  • No alternative text

    Coordinator for Conduct and Education

    Lewis Jacques

    Contact: (831) 459-4433, 
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301


  • Tim Samuel photo

    Coordinator for Conduct and Education

    Timothy Samuel

    Contact: (831) 459-4433,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301


  • No alternative text

    Coordinator of Residential Education

    Amy Rock

    Contact: (831) 459-1074,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301


  • Programs & Student Activities

  • photo of Maria Castillo

    College Programs Coordinator

    María Dolores Castillo

    Contact: (831) 459-4434, 
    Office: Programs Office

    Being a UCSC Alum (c/o 2022), I am grateful to have been able to work alongside students while having been a student myself and now a staff member. Students hold so much strength, love, passion, and creativity and it is something that will always keep motivating me!

    As the College Programs Coordinator, I oversee all the events hosted at Kresge College and supervise our wonderful Assistant College Programs Coordinator, incredibly talented Program Assistants, and our amazing Kresge Parliament. Our events are centered around community building, identity, social justice, and curiosity. In collaboration with other hard working college communities and campus organizations, we have been able to achieve successful events for our students. If you are interested in collaborating or have an event idea, do not hesitate to reach out to me! ❤️✨

  • photo of Ebony Beshear

    Assistant College Programs Coordinator

    Ebony Beshears

    Contact: (831) 459-3925, 
    Office: Programs Office

    As the Assistant College Programs Coordinator, and in partnership with the College Programs Coordinator, I work with students and staff to create opportunities for community engagement, relationship building, identity exploration, and to have fun! My goal is to create spaces where students can connect, belong, inspire, learn, and grow. Have an idea for an event or want to see more of an activity in the college? Visit the Programs Office to collaborate and share ideas. I am here for the students and want to honor their interests, passions, perspectives, and identities. 

  • Kresge Business Office

  • Sue Roth

    Assistant to the Senior Director College Student Life

    Sue Roth

    Contact: (831) 459-2467,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    I am the administrative assistant to the Porter/Kresge Senior Director, College Student Life with the Porter/Kresge Community. If I cannot help you directly or answer your questions, I will direct you to someone who can.

  • Mary Sierra

    Budget Analyst

    Mary Sierra

    Contact: (831) 459-2037,
    Office: Kresge Apartment J-301

    I’m the Business Administrator for Porter & Kresge Colleges. I take care of all the details of purchasing, I analyze expenditures (and income), and make sure all proper guidelines are being followed during every step of the process.

  • Groundskeeping, Maintenance, and Affiliates

  • Katharina Pierini


    Katharina Pierini

    Contact: (831) 459-2157,
    Office: Groundskeeper Shop

    I am the gardener/groundskeeper here at Kresge. If you see me around feel free to say “hi”; if you need help with something I might be able to help or direct you to someone who can.

  • Devin Sodt

    Senior Building Maintenance Worker Supervisor

    Devin Sodt

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    Office: Maintenance Shop
  • Ian Mitchell

    Senior Building Maintenance Worker

    Ian Mitchell

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    Office: Maintenance Shop

    I help maintain the facilities here at Kresge. I like to think that I am a familiar face that students will feel comfortable speaking to about anything.

  • photo of Sarah Radoff

    Director, STARS at Kresge

    Sara Radoff

    Contact: (831) 459-4968,
    Office: STARS Office - Kresge Room 188

    My passion in life is working to transform educational policies and practices to make them more socially just. My core values include developing caring relationships with students, colleagues, and friends, seeking out opportunities for collaboration and connection, and unapologetically challenging systems of oppression. I am dedicated to serving students and supporting their success. Prior to joining STARS, I  served as the Academic Preceptor at Oakes College. Before that, I worked in international education and community development work. I received a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Montana, and a M.A. from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Society, Culture, and Politics in Education.

  • Dan Tokar photo

    Food Service Manager, Porter/Kresge Dining Hall

    Dan Tokar

    Contact: (831) 459-4773,
    Offices: Porter-Kresge Dining Hall

    I am your access to food World. Have a question about the Porter/Kresge Dining Hall --- I am your person!