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April 25, 2018

Dear friends, family, and alumni of Kresge College!

We're excited to announce a new way to be a part of Kresge’s increasingly vital network of support: The Kresge College Annual Fund.

As many of you know, Kresge’s endowment is perilously small—the smallest among UCSC’s colleges. We are buoyed by generous one-time donations that support specific projects, but each year, to fulfill core missions, we find we must stretch dwindling state funds further and further. We think Kresge students deserve more. So we’re asking you, as cherished Kresge affiliates, and on the eve of our exciting rebuild, to give. Help us restore a tradition of intrepid, participatory education, and put Kresge on a path toward true renewal. Donate today.

Want to learn more about our vision for this new fund? We’d love to have your input.

You’ve already given so much to Kresge, and your commitment to the annual fund can be transformative. We hope you’ll consider contributing.

Adolfo Mercado
Kresge '98
Kresge Alumni Advisory Board Member

Ben Leeds Carson
Kresge Provost


January 10, 2018

Provost Ben Leeds Carson wrote a letter to the LA Times about the easy stereotyping of UC Santa Cruz: "An education at UC Santa Cruz? We'd all be lucky to have one"


January 7, 2018

Dear Students of Kresge College,


Welcome home to Kresge! And I know I speak for all returning students when I offer a warm welcome the many new transfer students who join our community at the start of this quarter. For decades, Kresge has openly strived to make its newest members the heart of the community. Let’s honor that tradition by hearing their voices and making this just as much their home as it is the home of longtime Kresge citizens.


More than any college at UCSC, Kresge is known for students who take initiative, and who shape their college experience in collaboration with its notoriously passionate faculty and staff. Informally, we're also the “transfer college”—claiming among the highest numbers of transfers year by year, and serving as the host of UCSC’s Services for Transfer And Reorientation Students (STARS). We’re proud that the current president of the UCSC Alumni Council, Kresge alumnus Adolfo Mercado, was also a transfer student, and his continuing involvement in the life of UCSC attests to the importance of the transfer community in making us who we are today.

Now for some important announcements — mark your calendars!

  • Still looking for another 2 credits in your schedule? Try enrolling in Provost Carson’s Kresge 18: Natural History Practicum, a popular course now for more than two years. Despite the official listed time, we’re bumping it forward 15 minutes to Tuesdays at 8:00 AM. That might seem early, but it’s worth it — join us to learn about observing the complex wilderness + human habitat of the UCSC campus. It features 5 amazing guests who take us on some of the best nature hikes you can hope to experience.

  • January 24th and February 22nd, 4:00-5:30 pm (Provost House) — Tea and Cookies. Here’s a chance to break your usual routine to come by my place for a chat about how things are going ... or just get some down time with a warm beverage and snacks. And feel free to bring a friend!

  • January 25th at 7:10 PM (Kresge Town Hall) — Winona La Duke, an activist who “spent years successfully fighting the Sandpiper pipeline, a pipeline similar to Dakota Access” (Democracy Now!), and director of Honor the Earth, promises to be one of the high-points of our Common Ground Center series. Her talk will address Standing Rock, the importance fo divestment campaigns, and investing in the “New Energy Economy.”

  • February 13th at 5:30 PM (Kresge Seminar Room) Martha Mendoza, our second Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist this year—and a Kresge alum!—will be the next guest of Kresge’s Media and Society Series. A contributor to Bloomberg and the Washington Post, Mendoza specializes in reporting on immigration and human trafficking, poverty, the environment, and the economics Silicon Valley. Join us afterwards for a pizza reception at the Provost Residence. RSVP here or email Beth Hernandez-Jason

  • March 6th at 5:30 PM (Kresge Seminar Room) — Conn Hallinan joins the Media and Society Series (see above) to retell the history of journalism, and to invite students to a critical inquiry into our relationship with the news. Conn is a former Provost of Kresge College, a columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus, and a blogger at Dispatches from the Edge.


Finally, as a reminder, the deadline for the Student Project Fund is tomorrow —submit your application to Beth Hernandez-Jason by midnight on January 8th. The second round of applications are due February 8th, so if you’re not quite ready now, you still have time.  


Happy New Year, and please stay warm!


Ben Leeds Carson

Provost, Kresge College | UCSC


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