Posting, Tabling & Ad Policies

Kresge has three bulletin boards for general community flyer posting.

  • Mailroom @ the main college office  
  • Study Center entrance 
  • Classroom 327

Each individual or group is limited to one poster per board, and there may be no posting over announcements that are current. All posted materials must clearly indicate the name and contact information of the person(s), group(s), University Unit(s), or campus organization(s) responsible for posting them.

NOTE: Postings shall not exceed 17" x 22".

Kresge Only Flyers

Kresge has three enclosed bulletin boards for Kresge activity/event flyers.

University departments, units, offices, and approved student organizations can send or drop off up to three copies of a flier to the Kresge College Programs Office.  Once approved, we will post flyers at least a week ahead of the event.  All unapproved fliers in these locations or on walls, posts, doors or windows at Kresge College will be removed.
 The College Programs Office is in R1111. Office Hours: M-F 10 am - 6 pm.

NOTE: All flyers must include event contact information, either email or phone number. 

For questions, please contact the Kresge CPC at


All banners at Kresge must be approved and posted by the Kresge College Programs Office. Bring your poster (one only and preferably no larger than 3' x 5') to the Office for approval. Once approved, we will post your banners for you.

All unapproved banners will be removed.

Residence Areas (Kresge Apartments, J & K Buildings)

Only Kresge or Porter Residential Staff may post on Apartment bulletin boards. Please send or drop off 18 copies of your flyer to the Kresge Housing Office, J Building - 3rd floor, for approval. Once approved, we will post the fliers for you.

All unapproved postings will be removed.

Porter/Kresge Dining Hall

Only Porter and Kresge College events or those sponsored by Dining Services may be advertised inside the Porter/Kresge Dining Hall. Approval is given by the Porter College Programs Coordinator.
The Porter Programs Office is located across from the Dining Hall next to the Koi pond. Advertising in the dining hall table tents is coordinated by Dining Services. Contact their Program Coordinator for more information.

If you wish to table in the dining hall please contact the Porter Activities Office ACPC, Althea, at 

Tabling on Kresge Lower Street, please contact the Kresge College CPC or come by our office located at R1111. Hours: 10 am - 6 pm. 

Chalking is NOT allowed at Kresge College in support of water conservation.