Kresge College 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, June 13th at 9 AM (Online)

Kresge College Commencement Ceremony - Virtual Celebration Youtube Premiere Video

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UCSC Marching Order - Kresge College

Graduates, family and friends may also refer to the UCSC Commencement website for the video link.
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A Message to our graduates, and their friends and families about the timing of this commencement relative to current events

Alumnus Reyna Grande, Provost Ben Carson and graduating seniors May Freitas and Nick Uhlig, have all offered pre-recorded Commencement addresses in this “digital” commencement ceremony—all of them are thoughtful reflections on your educational journeys. However, they were composed and recorded, prior to the week of May 25, when news of George Floyd’s death, revelations about the death of Breonna Taylor, and more recently, the death of Tony McDade, all at the hands of police, have compelled just and bold uprisings, and initiatives for powerful social change, across the United States. These uprisings—the unequivocal context of today’s commencement—demand not only a fundamental end to a decades-long scourge of police brutality, but social transformation, and eradication of endemic and widespread structural racism.


Since the fall of 2016, when some of today’s graduates began Kresge’s core course, Power and Representation, Kresge’s curriculum has centered on making racist violence visible, and on imagining its ending, with many of its texts, including Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, which centers uniquely on our decades-old epidemic of police violence against Black Americans. Kresge Students, Staff, and Faculty are united by this and other measures, by a commitment to unparalleled education on racism and racial justice. But so much more needs to be done. 


As we celebrate your accomplishments, Kresge’s staff and faculty ask you to hold us accountable. Our speeches and our ceremony strive to represent wide-ranging educational paths—and yet all our paths culminate here, today, at a time when both the visibility of injustice, and the potential to address it, are unprecedented. We look forward to you joining us as we work toward that unrealized potential.


Kresge's commencement addresses depict a wide range of experiences, including struggles against discrimination, widespread economic injustice and its relationship to our global pandemic, and a frank, unfiltered story that includes descriptions suicidal ideation. We offer you this as a caution, in case of your sensitivity or trauma around those themes, and we encourage you to listen with conscientiousness of their larger messages.  

Kresge College Class of 2020 Digital Yearbook 

This will be available for all graduating Kresge affiliates to post until the end of June. Happy Posting!

Kresge College Commencement 2020 Digital Program Booklet

To download this digital program, click on this link  

Note: Some departments are not able to complete their review for honors in the major until spring grades are finalized. For this reason, this program does not include honors for the following majors: Community Studies, CRES, Earth/Planet Sciences, Environmental Studies, Literature, Molecular Biology.


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