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 Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (Our hours may vary, please check in with
Information: (831) 459-3925 / 

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The role of the College Programs Office and the programming staff is to foster a sense of community for the students, staff and faculty of Kresge through educational and social programming. All Kresge affiliates are supported by the College Programs Office which is located in Kresge Building K, rooms 208 and 207. We are your link to Kresge Parliament, Orientation, Family Day, and our Kresge College Commencement. 

Throughout the academic year, we will be providing a wide variety of activities. Additionally, the Programs Office works in partnership and co-sponsorship with student organizations and other campus units to bring exciting events to the Kresge Community. As a Kresge student, if you have an idea for a great community event, the Programs Office staff is always here to help you with planning and production.

The Program Office staff includes the College Programs Coordinator (CPC), Assistant College Programs Coordinator (ACPC), up to four student Programs Assistants (PA) and up to 10 student Orientation Welcome Leaders (OWL) who assist with fall Welcome Week, graduation and other large college activities.

On behalf of myself and the entire College Programming Staff, welcome to the Kresge Community! We hope to see you soon around Kresge.

Mike Yamauchi-Gleason
Senior Director, College Student Life


 Meet the Programs Team

photo of Maria Castillo

María Dolores Castillo

College Programs Coordinator

Contact: (831) 459-4434, 
Office: Programs Office

Being a UCSC Alum (c/o 2022), I am grateful to have been able to work alongside students while having been a student myself and now a staff member. Students hold so much strength, love, passion, and creativity and it is something that will always keep motivating me!

As the College Programs Coordinator, I oversee all the events hosted at Kresge College and supervise our wonderful Assistant College Programs Coordinator, incredibly talented Program Assistants, and our amazing Kresge Parliament. Our events are centered around community building, identity, social justice, and curiosity. In collaboration with other hard working college communities and campus organizations, we have been able to achieve successful events for our students. If you are interested in collaborating or have an event idea, do not hesitate to reach out to me! ❤️✨

photo of Ebony Beshear

Ebony Beshears

Assistant College Programs Coordinator

Contact: (831) 459-3925, 
Office: Programs Office

As the Assistant College Programs Coordinator, and in partnership with the College Programs Coordinator, I work with students and staff to create opportunities for community engagement, relationship building, identity exploration, and to have fun! My goal is to create spaces where students can connect, belong, inspire, learn, and grow. Have an idea for an event or want to see more of an activity in the college? Visit the Programs Office to collaborate and share ideas. I am here for the students and want to honor their interests, passions, perspectives, and identities. 



Hilary Vargas Garcia

Programs Assistant

Hii guys!! I am originally from Los Angeles. I love exploring and the outdoors! I am super excited to be a PA and plan fun events for you guys!!

  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Year: 2nd year 
  • Major: Sociology B.A
  • Fun Fact: I am an only child.

Jason Stanton

Programs Assistant

Hi there! My name is Jason and I’m originally from Washington, DC! I love planning awesome events for Kresge College’s awesome students!
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Major: Biology BA
  • Year: 2nd Year
  • Fun fact: I’ve watched every single James Bond movie!

Alex Wechsler

Programs Assistant

Hey everyone! I am super excited to be working on events in Kresge this year. You can find me at Kresge Parliament every Monday, Kresge Presents PRIDE meetings, and at the art department with friends!
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Major: Art Major
  • Year: 2nd Year
  • Fun fact: My favorite band is Glass Beach.

Cooper Boyle

Programs Assistant

Hey, my name is Cooper! I’m from the Bay Area and am serving my 3rd year as a PA for Kresge. I love exploring the beaches and forests in Santa Cruz and am trying to make the most of my last year here!
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Major: Business Management Economics
  • Year: 4th Year
  • Fun Fact: I’m currently learning to sail ⛵️