Student Leadership Opportunities

As you navigate your way through your college career gaining leadership experience is an invaluable resume builder for your future career. As a member of the Kresge and UCSC community there are a plethora of leadership opportunities at your fingertips.  By getting involved in your College and University community you can gain valuable transferable work place skills such as activism, organization, decisive decision-making, negotiation, cooperation, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills.  These attributes along with your experiences inside the classroom will help you become a well-rounded candidate for future job opportunities. Students who are involved during their college years express a higher satisfaction with the college experience, develop valuable friendships and feel more connected to their college. 

Through the Student Organizations and Advising Office (SOAR), you can find out about the many clubs and organizations on campus. They are open to all students and a great way to meet people who are like-minded.  Additionally, you can start your own group if you don't see one that fits you.  There are also a number of sports teams and club sports, as well as intercollegiate athletics.  At your college, you will find opportunities within Student Government, College Programs and Activities Office, Residential Life, Peer Advisory Board and more.