Public Art and Murals in Kresge

Student Art Projects Add Spice to Kresge's Walls

Kresge College has several murals that represent the social, cultural and academic experience of our students. Public art is encouraged and there is a community process for mural application and installation.

College Murals Policy and Procedure

Policy - Kresge College encourages murals as an essential part of building our community and as an opportunity to enhance the academic experience. As public art, murals may be held to a different standard than other art, including standards that apply to the public presentation of the college to students, their families and other visitors. No art that is derogatory or demeaning to any individual or group will be considered. Only Kresge Students may apply. This policy applies only to college-funded facilities. (Residential buildings)

Approved locationsMural Painting

  • R6 Front Wall
  • Recreation Courtyard Walls
  • R1 Side Wall
  • R3 Wall
  • R8 Front Wall
  • Town Hall Stand Alone Wall