Kresge Orientation Welcome Leadership

Kresge College Orientation Welcome Leaders (OWLs) are a group of continuing students who help support Kresge College during welcome week and fall quarter and assist with three other large events throughout the academic year.

Orientation Welcome Leaders are essential for providing a smooth move-in and helping plan Welcome Week events at Kresge. They work cooperatively with the residential and college staff to help new students become familiar with Kresge, the campus, and its resources.

Being an Orientation Welcome Leader is a great opportunity to assist new students, develop leadership skills, be a part of a fun and close-knit team and contribute to student life at Kresge College.

Our job description and application will be emailed to all affiliates during spring quarter.  Application deadline for Y24-25: TBA

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Kresge Programs Office (TBA).