Kresge Community Life

Welcome to the Kresge community from the Kresge College Programs Office. Part of being in a smaller college community is having the chance to form lasting friendships with your fellow Kresge students and staff. Here at Kresge, we sponsor local events and activities and offer many services in support of an enjoyable and socially active college experience.

Social Events

Throughout the academic year, there will be many ways to get involved with your community. Be it our quarterly drum circles, our student-run activities, or our leadership positions, social interaction is an integral part of daily life at Kresge College.

Community Building 

Whether in your apartment or out and about at the college, the Programs Office has a variety of resources to assist in your extracurricular activities. We provide board games and recreational equipment for checkout. We oversee the Kresge Presents PRIDE committee and Kresge Parliament. 

Stress Relieving Activities

Midterms, finals, and work responsibilities can be stressful. We are here to help you unwind and recharge your batteries. We provide a variety of activities through midterms and before finals week to ensure you have an opportunity to unplug. Late-night breakfast during Finals week is just one community staple provided for your enjoyment.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Programs Office employs Kresge students and other affiliated students each year. The positions are Programs Assistants (PA) and Orientation Welcome Leader (OWL), both are filled by spring quarter in preparation for the following academic year. The Kresge Orientation Welcome Leader Team supports fall Move-in, Welcome Week, Family Day, Kresge Presents PRIDE, and Kresge Commencement. It is a great way to gain valuable leadership experience and be an integral member of the Kresge College staff team. The Programs Assistant team provides Kresge students with social engagement and learning opportunities through events and programs throughout the academic year.

Where are we located?

The College Programs Office is located in Kresge Building K, rooms 208 and 207.

Office Hours: Our hours may vary, please check the Kresge College calendar.