Kresge Mailroom

Kresge Mailroom Location: 510 Porter-Kresge Road

SPRING Quarter Mailroom Hours 

Monday        11am - 4pm*
Tuesday       11am - 4pm*
Wednesday  11am - 4pm*
Thursday      11am - 4pm*
Friday           11am - 4pm*
Saturday                  Closed
Sunday                    Closed

 *Please note that our hours are subject to change due to availability, campus closures, strikes, and/or illness. It is always a great idea to check our calendar prior to coming by the mailroom to pick-up a package. Click on the "+" symbol in the bottom right corner of this calendar, that will add it to your Google apps calendar!

Check for open operation hours on calendar below by selecting the specific date entry


Contact Information: For additional mailroom questions, please email

How are mailboxes assigned and where do I get my mailbox information?
All Kresge college students who are living on campus are assigned a mailbox. In addition, all Redwood Grove Apartment students are assigned a Kresge college mailbox. Kresge affiliates living at The Village also have a Kresge mailbox. Mailboxes are reassigned at the beginning of every academic year. What that means is that your mailbox number changes every academic year. Both new and continuing students will be sent an email from with their mailbox information to their UCSC email account during the Fall quarter move-in period.
I am a Kresge affiliate but I live off-campus. Can I request a Kresge mailbox?
Yes! If you do not live on-campus and would like to request a mailbox, please email from your email account. Be sure to include your full name and student id number.

Where do I pick up my packages? 
If you receive a package, we will send an automated email to your UCSC email address. To retrieve your package, you must bring a valid photo ID to the Kresge mailroom during open hours and a friendly staff member will help you. Packages are not kept indefinitely. Packages that are not picked up in a timely manner are marked as unclaimed and are consequently returned to sender. Packages are accepted by the mailroom during Winter and Spring breaks.
My carrier's online tracking system reads that my package has arrived, but I do not have an email from the Kresge mailroom confirming that my package is available to be picked up. Where is my package?
The online tracking email that some carriers send to you that claim that your package has been delivered only means that your package has arrived in Santa Cruz, California. This does NOT mean that your package is in the Kresge mailroom. If you see from your carrier that your package has been delivered, you must be patient, as it can take an additional 1 - 3 days for it to be delivered to the Kresge mailroom. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR PACKAGE ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION FROM THE KRESGE MAILROOM. DO NOT COME TO THE MAIL ROOM TO RETRIEVE YOUR PACKAGE IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM THE KRESGE MAILROOM
What do I do if I lost my mailbox combination?
It is your responsibility to keep track of your mailbox information. If you lose your mailbox combination you can come by the package window with a valid id to request this information.
What do I do if my mailbox is broken?
Report the problem right away to the mailroom clerk. Please also submit a FixIt ticket request via Be sure to include your mailbox number and combination in the fixit ticket. Our community relies on you to report your broken mailbox. 
What is my mailing address?
Do not use nicknames or pen names. Improperly addressed mail may be refused and returned to sender. Please notify your family and friends to use complete name. Many students have similar names, if you have a middle name, please be sure to address your name with your full name.

Your full name
UC Santa Cruz, Kresge college
510 Porter-Kresge Road
Box number #
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1103
Can my UCSC mail be forwarded?
Mail cannot be forwarded. Due to mail regulations, USPS will not forward UCSC mail or packages to another address. Also, USPS first class letter mail, along with packages from USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, etc. cannot be forwarded. Mail unable to be delivered, due to the student no longer living on-campus or in Santa Cruz, will be returned to sender.

How do I close my mailbox? To close your mailbox, please fill out the new address form or send us an email: kresgema@ucsc.eduUnclaimed mail is returned to the sender. We encourage you to contact your sender asap, informing them of your new address, letting them know that your mail will be returned to them, and that they will need to re-ship your mail to your new address. Please note that magazines and standard postage mail are second class mail and will be recycledIf you have closed your mailbox, it is imperative that you do the following:  directly contact anyone that you are receiving mail from and inform them of your address change
and make sure that your permanent mailing address is correct in your portal so that any UCSC mail gets routed to you correctly.

Where can I mail a letter?
Your Kresge College mailroom is not a full-service post office, a UPS, or FedEx pick-up spot. The only blue USPS Mailboxes are located near the Baytree Bookstore & Baskin Engineering as they have removed them from the rest of campus. Be sure to put your stamped mail in the blue USPS box.

Where can I ship packages?
Our Kresge mailroom is not a full service post office, a UPS, USPS, Amazon, or FedEx pick-up spot. Listed below are the closest shipping locations.
  • UPS Store, 859 Almar Ave, Suite C (near Safeway)
  • US Post Office, 850 Front Street
  • FedEx Shipping Center, 712 Front Street
What do I do if there is a letter in my mailbox that is not for me?
If you have a college mailbox, you are required to check your mail frequently. If you receive mail that is not addressed to you, please return it immediately to the mailroom staff. If there are no mailroom staff present, please email informing us of the issue. 
When do I start or stop receiving mail at this address?
You start receiving mail on the first day of Fall Quarter and stop receiving mail at the end of Spring quarter, the last day of final exam week.

Summer mail:
Our mailroom is not open during Summer. All mail and packages delivered in Summer will be returned to the sender. The Summer period includes any mail that arrives before Fall quarter's move-in week. All student mailboxes close at the end of Spring quarter. All first-class mail and packages remaining in the Kresge mailroom once Spring quarter ends are returned to sender.
For additional questions, please contact the Kresge Mailroom Supervisor by email

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