Contacting a Resident

Mail and Mailroom

All Kresge students living at Kresge will be assigned a mailbox in the Kresge Mailroom. Students should check mailboxes on a regular basis since all college and university notices, parcels, etc. are delivered to the box.

Emailing Student

If you are a Kresge Student your mailing address is:

First and Last Name
510 Porter-Kresge Road, Box Number
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1079

Mailbox Numbers are assigned in the Fall. 

Students will receive their mailbox number and combination through campus email.


A fast internet connection is provided in every bedroom. Make sure your computer has an ethernet port and to bring an ethernet cord. More information on the internet and restrictions is available on the ITS website.

To report an emergency, or a health/safety issue regarding a student resident:

  • Family/guardian should contact the Campus Police Department at (831) 459-2231.

To contact a residential student regarding an urgent matter: