College Scholars

The UCSC College Scholars Program provides an opportunity for outstanding students to engage deeply with the best of UCSC. Early in their career, students are able to explore the full potential of the university setting, beyond the coursework that might be required in their respective disciplines. They participate in demanding, small-scale, and research-oriented courses that catalyze creative thinking and offer a springboard to other undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Selection: 

    Fall Start—Invitation Only: Admission to the Fall Start cohort of College Scholars Program is by invitation.

    Spring Start—Students at Cowell, Crown, Kresge, Merrill, Porter, and Stevenson Colleges can apply for the College Scholars Program after the fall of their first year. In this case, students will join the program during the spring research colloquium. Spring Start students will be selected based on applications reviewed through their college. Please see the website for the deadline. We suggest you reach out to your Kresge Core instructor to see if they would be willing to recommend you.

    Inquiries regarding the College Scholars Program can be directed to the Director of Undergraduate Honors Programs at