Give to Kresge

Has your student talked about a Kresge course that changed his or her life?

Would you like to help us continue to offer challenging, hands-on courses that increase students' awareness of the world we live in and how they can contribute to that world in a productive way? Or courses that expose them to latent creative interests like photojournalism, filmmaking, and writing?

Is there an experience you enjoyed in your education that you would like to provide for your student and their peers? An event, a guest lecture, a workshop?

Kresge has a history of developing rich and diverse courses, events, and extracurricular opportunities for students. We've had to be very creative to fund these projects in recent years, and never more so than at this time. Your support can help us maintain the level of academic and cultural programming that our students have enjoyed for years.

If you want to make sure your designation is registered by the college, contact the Kresge Provost Office to make us aware of your donation and intentions. The following should give you an idea of what we can do with your donation:

A $5000 gift will allow Kresge College to offer a full class (5 credits):

College classes are a direct and effective way of enriching the educational experience of Kresge students. College classes are targeted for a general audience of non-majors and are meant to expand the intellectual, creative and perhaps even the professional horizon of our students.

In the recent past we have offered college classes on Sustainable Food Systems, Service to the Community, Photography, Film, Comic Writing, Transformative Social Action, Prison Narratives, and Performance. We would love to be able to offer them again or to fund a new class.

Classes awaiting first-time funding include: Creative writing in Spanish, Science, Technology and Literature, Understanding The Media and Journalism (a minor that was cut and is no longer offered at UCSC).

A $2500 gift will allow Kresge College to offer a 2 or 3 credit class:

Among those offered in the past are courses such as Creative Writing or Transformative Justice. We would love to be able to offer them again or to fund a new class.          

A $1000 gift will allow us to create an Annual Writing Contest for undergraduates. It could also allow us to fund some non-senior student projects or bring a speaker or performance to the college.

A $500 gift will help us:

-- fund senior projects and other extracurricular projects involving student travel, equipment, registration fees, etc. In the past these have included: professional conference attendance, performances, film production, etc.

-- buy gardening and photographic materials for our students.

-- add free writing tutoring hours at the Kresge Writing Center for our students.

Any amount donated will help us enhance the quality of the Kresge experience for our students.