Privacy at UC Santa Cruz

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law which sets privacy standards for student education records. Under FERPA, university students have the right to privacy of their student records.

What information can I obtain about my student's academic record?

Data defined as public information may be shared, unless the student has requested a non-release of public information (NRI). Public information includes: student name, local telephone number, local address, e-mail, college, major, class level, dates of attendance, number of credits currently enrolled, degrees and honors, and name/weight/height of intercollegiate athletes.

Other student record information is considered confidential and may not be shared, even with a parent, without the written consent of the student. Confidential information includes: grades, GPA, number of credits completed, student schedule, and anticipated graduation date.

Can I have access to my student's records if he/she is a minor and I pay the bills?

University policy does not permit the disclosure of confidential student records to parents or family, regardless of a student's age or financial status. This information may only be shared with the written consent of the student, or in a health or safety emergency.

How can I learn about my student's grades and academic progress?

We support the student as a responsible adult: making decisions independently, and seeking assistance when needed. As such, we encourage communication between you and your student about grades and academic progress. They can provide you with their student record information from the Academic Information System (AIS). At this time, AIS does not allow students to grant third party access to their student record information.

In unusual situations, a student may choose to authorize the release of confidential information. To do this, they must sign an authorization including the specific information to be shared, and the time frame for that sharing. Keep in mind that authorizations must be given on a case-by-case basis: there are no provisions for a blanket release of student record information.

How can I get access to my student's bill?

Students may view their account information in AIS via the MyUCSC student portal. They may not grant third party access, but may sign up (through the portal) for e-bill and e-check payment through SallieMae, and then invite a parent or other payer to access their account information.

** In case of emergency **

UCSC may release non-directory information in the event of an emergency or crisis situation if it becomes clear that the information is "necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals." This may include releasing information to parents, hospitals, or school officials at another institution.

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