Making the Transition – Health and Wellness

Sometimes the college experience, and the especially the first few months of college, can be a difficult transition, a time of experimentation, or a source of lonliness. While we do our best to educate and support students, and address the destructive behaviors that we see, it is important that students have as comprehensive a network as possible as they navigate through this period in their lives.

Parents are often the primary influence in their son's or daughter's life, and can create healthy and realistic expectations about behaviors — from time management and self-care to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Research shows that parental thoughts and values matter greatly to students; you’d be surprised how often we hear "my parents think..." or "my parents say..." when students are talking with each other or with us about the issues that affect them most.

We've listed some resourcesto help inform you of the health issues that face college students today, as well as tips on how to start conversations on these subjects. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or are concerned about your student.