Service Learning

In the news: Franklin Wiliams' Service Learning course featured in the Santa Cruz Good Times newspaper! Read the full article.

In Kresge's Service Learning course, students find a volunteer position with the faculty member's assistance and perform community service in nonprofit organizations, schools, unions, or local government agencies. Students meet weekly, keep a journal, and write reports of their experience.

Motivated students can bridge theory to practice and explore careers in community service-related fields. The course also aims to help foster students’ awareness of social problems and responsibility, both personally and with their classmates.

Kresge faculty member Franklin Williams warns students that this is no cakewalk: the course is rigorous and demanding, designed for students who are truly dedicated to giving back to the community in a mutually rewarding service-learning experience.

Service Learning is offered several times during the regular academic year, and is repeatable for credit. This creates an opportunity for students to continue their work within a community placement beyond one quarter. Check the class schedule and catalog for more specific information.