February 2017 Letter from the Provost

February 2017

Dear Kresge Students,

We’re excited to be writing to you today about several upcoming events and funding opportunities!

Tonight there is a free screening of Ava DuVernay’s documentary film 13th at Kresge Town Hall at 7pm, followed by a discussion featuring ABC retention specialist, Aaron Jones. There will be free Woodstock’s pizza. The film features UCSC Distinguished Professor Emerita, Angela Davis and is about the intersection of incarceration and our nation’s legacy of slavery.

We’re also pleased to announce a new tradition of afternoon Tea and Cookies at the Kresge Provost’s house. This is a chance to say hi to Ben and his family, see a new face or two, and maybe chat a while about how things are going at Kresge—or feel free just to come for a minute of respite, and a quiet step away from your usual paths. We’ll do one of these every month or so, and here are the first two:

Wednesday, February 15th: 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Tuesday, March 7: 4:00 - 6:00 pm

We’d also like to invite you to apply, this quarter, for student project funds. Working individually or collaboratively, these funds can be awarded to Kresge students who propose a project that falls under the rubric of

1) scholarly research;

2) creative and performance work; OR

3) public events or similar projects that make substantive contributions to community solidarity, or to social, political, or environmental awareness.

Please apply by 3:30pm on March 3, 2017. Applications must be printed, and turned in at the College Office (next to the mail room). Please give them to the Academic Programs Coordinator, Beth Hernandez-Jason, or ask that they be left in her box.

Finally, we hope you’ll join us on Sunday, April 30th for Kresge’s alumni weekend event. We’ll be hosting a brunch and panel discussion on the planned rebuild and renovation of Kresge College. I hope you’ll join us from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to hear a panel discussion of current students, alumni, and others, on the challenges and exciting opportunities that we face, in thinking anew about Kresge’s future.

Provost Ben Leeds Carson

Academic Programs Coordinator Beth Hernandez-Jason