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William M Saxton
  • Title
    • Professor Emeritus
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences Division
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    • Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology Department
  • Affiliations Kresge College
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    • Sinsheimer Laboratories, 330
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  • Mail Stop MCD Biology
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Biology; Cell Biology; Biomedical Sciences; Biophysics; Genetics; Molecular Biology; Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology; Neuroscience

Summary of Expertise

Intracellular protein machines and molecular mechanisms


Fluorescence Microscopy 

Biography, Education and Training


1975            B.S., Microbiology, University of Minnesota

1982            M.S., Biology, California State University, Northridge

1986            Ph.D., Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder



1990-97      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, Indiana University

1990-97      Fellow of The Indiana Molecular Biology Institute

1997-03      Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, , Indiana University

1997-07      Senior Fellow of The Indiana Molecular Biology Institute 

2003-07      Professor, Dept. of Biology, Indiana University


2007-          Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California Santa Cruz

2016-19       Department Chair, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California Santa Cruz

2019-           Professor Emeritus, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California Santa Cruz



Honors, Awards and Grants

1991-96           NIH R01 GM46295:  Mechanisms and Functions of Subcellular motility, $798,792 (D+I).

1994                Co-Investigator, NIH Equipment Grant for transmission electron microscope,  $100,000 (D).

1994-99           American Heart Association Established Investigatorship:  Functions and Mechanisms of Intracellular Motility,  $336,055 (D).

1995                Co-Investigator, I. U. Shared Equipment Grant, (Principle Investigator: R. Raff, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology),  $100,000 (D).

1996-00           NIH R01 GM46295.  Mechanisms and Functions of Subcellular motility, $931,650 (D+I).

1997                NIH-Shared Instrumentation Grant for a Scanning Electron Microscope.  $194,000 (D).

1999-04           NIH GM58811. Cytoplasmic Motility In Early Development. $886,992 (D+I)

2000-06           NIH R01 GM46295.  Mechanisms and Functions of Subcellular Motility.  $1,134,616 (D+I)

2001-03           INGEN (54-246-02), Bloomington INGEN Light Microscopy Core Facilities.  $334,000 (D)

2004-05           Co-PI NIH Concept Development Award.  The Biology of Mitotic Motors; A Nanomedicine Consortium. $50,000 (D)

2005-06           MetaCYT Award for Mechanisms of Chromosome and Spindle Pole Movements in Mitosis.  $67,532 (D)

2006                IU COAS FRSP Award for An ultra-sensitive, high-speed spinning disk microscope.  $104,856 (D)

2006-07           MetaCYT Award for Mechanisms of Chromosome and Spindle Pole Movements in Mitosis.  $67,250 (D)

2006-11           NIH R01 GM46295.  Mechanisms and Functions of Subcellular Motility.  $1,242,076 (D+I)

2010-12           Co-PI,  HRD-1026880  California LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate.  $987,000 (D+I)

2013-15           C0-PI,  NIH R03 NS078554. A system for in vivo structure-function analysis of kinesin in neurodegeneration. $152,583 (D+I)

2013-18           NIH R01 GM46295.  Mechanisms and Functions of Subcellular Motility.  $1,242,076 (D+I)

2015-16           NIH Aministrative Supplement for GM46295.  Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope.  $87,144 (D) 


Selected Publications

Meyer, J.T., P.M. Thompson, R. Behringer, R.C. Steiner, W.M. Saxton and S.B. Oppenheimer.  1983.  Protease activity associated with loss of adhesiveness in mouse teratocarcinoma.  Exp. Cell Res.


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J. Cell Biol. 99:2146-2156.


Salmon, E.D., W.M. Saxton, R.J. Leslie, M.L. Karow, and J.R. McIntosh.  1984.  Diffusion coefficient of fluorescein-labeled tubulin in the cytoplasm of embryonic cells of a sea urchin:  Measurement by video image processing of fluorescence redistribution after photobleaching.  J. Cell Biol. 99:2157-2164.


Salmon, E.D., R.J. Leslie, W.M. Saxton, M.L. Karow and J.R. McIntosh.  1984.  Spindle microtubule dynamics in sea urchin embryos.  Analysis using a fluorescein-labeled tubulin and measurements of fluorescence redistribution after laser photobleaching.  J. Cell Biol. 99:2165-2174.


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