Take Back the Tap

Take Back the Tap


Take Back the Tap UCSC is an initiative to end the sale and distribution of bottled water on our campus. Get involved in the movement by emailing tbttucsc-group@gmail.com.


We are a student led campaign to end the sale and distribution of single use water bottles on the UCSC campus and create more public water access for students! We believe that having clean drinking water is a basic and universal human right, and not something to be paid for. Not only does privatization deny access to water, it also creates waste of resources along all points of production. In order to speak out against this injustice to society and our environment, we are working with Dining Services, Campus Housing, OPERS and third-party vendors to end retail sales at cafés and the Wellness Center. We are also outreaching to college governments, SUA and SOAR to end bulk purchases of bottled water for events. Additionally, we are always funding and installing more water bottle filling retrofits across campus, to increase students’ access to cheap, clean, safe drinking water. Links to a map showing where these bottle filling stations are on campus and info about the quality of Santa Cruz’s tap water are listed below. Look for our tables with information on global and local water privatization and access issues, as well as the negative effects of plastic pollution. We also put on a few events each year. In the past these have included fun things like zine-making sessions and movie screenings, so join us for those!

East field house retrofit

Above: Retrofit of a drinking fountain at the East Field
House to make it easier to fill your water bottle.

Here are links to relevant documents:

Our membership contact list

Our proposed budget

Our meeting notes folder

Our facebook page

Our constitution

Info for new or potential organizers

Map of campus water bottle filling stations

City of Santa Cruz report on water quality