Kresge Ecovillage

Students connecting with nature, themselves, and one another during a spring 2008 end of year camping trip at the UCSC Big Creek Reserve.

In conjunction with the Housing Office, Common Ground has created a themed residence at Kresge College, nurturing intentional community living at UCSC.

The Ecovillage

Intentional community living based on cooperation, justice, and sustainability. Limited to frosh.

The Ecovillage is a community striving to live well and lightly together. From appropriate technologies to holistic health, from sustainable agriculture to group facilitation, the ecovillage brings together 1st year students who wish to actively create a new world based on cooperation, justice, and sustainable living. If you are looking to cultivate a deep sense of place, host regular potlucks, and engage with sustainability education, this is the place for you. Students are highly encouraged to participate in the Kresge Garden Co-op, The World Cafe, and the classes, workshops, and events sponsored by the Common Ground Center at Kresge. Space is limited.