Common Ground Student Board

2017-18 Common Ground Student Board

The Common Ground Center Student Board is a cornerstone of our governance structure. The Student Board contains at least 4 registered UCSC Students, at least 3 of which are also on the Common Ground Executive Committee. Duties and responsibilities of all members of Common Ground leadership are to hold to the Common Ground core commitments, values and guiding principles while working and contributing to the decision making process of all Center activities. In addition to collaborating with the Executive Committee on certain activities, there are specific activities for which the Student Board has sole responsibility over (such as managing funds and projects related to their Campus Sustainability Council grants).   

Their responsibilities include:

  • Upholding the core values of the Common Ground Center, as well as:

    • Abiding by the Kresge College Statement of Community Ethics, and the UCSC Principles of Community  

    • Being aware of University policy and issues of liability

  • Having Fiscal Decision Making

    • Managing funds from Campus Sustainability Council, and Measure 43

    • Writing grants

    • Budget Management/Tracking

  • Identifying ways to collaborate among branches of the Center

    • Event planning

  • Communicating updates, announcements, and requests

    • Maintaining communicative relationship with Executive Committee and Outreach & Media Team

  • Inviting new students to the board

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2016-17 Student Board

2016-17 Student Board (Left to right: AnnaRose Etra, Mindy Nguyen, Miranda Pettiford-Vasquez)


2015-16 Student Board (Left to Right: Kevin Ulibarri, Natalie Hazrati, Miranda Pettiford, Jesse Borges, Cristal Gonzalez, Samantha Ashley)

Student board

2013-2014 Student Board (Left to Right: Melissa Ott, Beth Davis, Gina Vollono, Kevin Ulibarri)