Common Ground Potlucks

Policy for Publicly Advertised Potlucks with the Common Ground Center

As approved by Kitty Woldow at UCSC EH&S

Each participant must abide by these basic food safety rules.

Answer YES / NO to each question.

  1. Have you, or anyone in your house, been sick in the last week with gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea)?

    1. If YES, this food cannot be served.

    2. If NO, proceed to next question.

  2. Is this a potentially hazardous food? Potentially hazardous foods are anything that has meat, dairy, beans, cooked vegetables, cooked pasta, or raw cut fruit. Non-potentially hazardous foods are baked goods, potato chips, bread, hard cheeses, smoked or dried meats, peanut butter, and foods that are especially salted, sugary, or acidic.

    1. If YES - Has it been more than 2 hours since this was either at full refrigeration (41 or below) or being cooked (140 or above)?

      1. If a hot food, reheat entire dish to 165 degrees for at least 1 minute. Proceed to next question.

      2. If a cold food, sorry, it cannot be served.

    2. If NO - proceed to next question.

  3. Are there any potential allergens in this dish?

    1. If YES, label this dish with a list of allergens it does or may contain (nuts, gluten, shellfish, citrus, etc.)

    2. If NO, label this anyways!

    3. In general, it is a good idea to list all ingredients

  4. If you made it this far, you food is ready to serve!