Sophomore Advising

Kresge redwoods: moving on up

Welcome to your second year at Kresge! Sophomore year is an exciting time for many students. As your college advisers, we hope to see you through the transition to focusing on your major and potentially broadening your horizons with one or more of the following:

Many students feel pressure about choosing a major at the beginning of the second year. We hope you channel potentially stressful energy into productive activity! Now is the time to:

  • qualify for your major by completing lower-division prerequisite courses and/or meeting any GPA requirements
  • declare your major by following your major program's declaration protocol (start early!)
  • meet with faculty in your major to start considering next steps after graduation (graduate school? research? career?)

Once you've declared your major and made contacts within your major program, you may find that you meet less with us, and more with your staff and faculty major advisers. That's okay! But don't forget that we are still your first resource if you need to:

We are here for you throughout your career, so please never hesitate to ask us for help!