Senior Advising

Kresge redwoods: blue skies ahead

Are you graduating already?

Here's a slightly modified version of the junior checklist (just in case you haven't bookmarked our Kresge advising pages!):

In addition to taking advantage of the resources and preparation above, you will need to do one or two more things:

Apply to graduate on in the quarter you will finish your degree requirements (do so in the first four weeks of the quarter).

If you want to participate in the Kresge commencement ceremony in June, apply at the beginning of spring quarter.

If you want to extend your enrollment beyond your EGT, you'll need to see a Kresge adviser. Your extension may require approval from the provost, so please be aware that the process could take up to a week (in other words, don't wait until the last minute). First year students are automatically given four years plus one quarter (13 quarters), and junior transfers have two years plus one quarter (7 quarters) to complete their degrees. Check your EGT (Expected Graduation Term) on the student portal to be sure about yours.