Advising Guide for New Frosh

A new student with KC the Owl, our Kresge Mascot

Welcome to Kresge College!

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about enrollment for your first quarter at UCSC! Students who attend Summer Orientation will enroll in fall classes through their student portal in the afternoon on their Orientation day; those who do not attend Summer Orientation will enroll on their appointment time. To view your enrollment appointment, please log onto your Student Portal. Your enrollment appointment is viewable on the right side of your Student Center page.

Get Prepared...

These Frosh Advising pages are designed to help you understand a normal quarter, the class selection process, and the basics of building your schedule--for Fall and beyond.  To ensure a smooth enrollment experience (and first quarter), please complete the following steps before your Summer Orientation day or enrollment appointment time:

Step 1: Explore Possible Majors.

Step 2: Understand UCSC's Graduation Requirements.

Step 3: Identify Your Section of the College Core Course.

Step 4: Choose and Enroll in Your Fall Classes.

Step 5: Summer Homework Assignment

Still Have Questions?


Summer Orientation:

For students attending Orientation: We will be giving a detailed presentation at each Orientation session, and you'll also have a chance to meet with one of us prior to enrolling in classes. Many questions will be answered at this time, but if you review Steps 1-4 and have an urgent issue before your Orientation day, email or call 831-459-2071.

For students not attending Orientation: In addition to completing steps 1-4 above, please review the New Student Advising Guide, which covers most of the information you will need to know before you enroll. If you have questions for us about any of this information, please email

Fall Orientation & Welcome Week:

There will also be a Mandatory College Advising Presentation during Welcome Week, after you move in. We will discuss: graduation requirements, university  policies, and what you need to know to begin your first year as successfully as possible! For those students who do not attend Summer Orientation, you will also have an opportunity to connect with your major advisers during Welcome Week.

Learn About Resources

Get familiar with the numerous support resources that will be available to you at UCSC!