Kresge Multicultural Education Committee (KMEC)

KMEC and Grupo Folklórico Los Mejicas at KMEC’s Dia de los Muertos event, Fall 2015

Who We Are

The Kresge Multicultural Education Committee (KMEC) was created as a way to provide an open and safe forum in which all students can express and appreciate each other's cultural experiences. KMEC is open to all Kresge students. Members actively work to educate the students, staff and faculty of Kresge and UCSC on multicultural issues. KMEC offers programs and events to uphold our mission as well as holding weekly meetings.

Currently, KMEC's meetings are held every Wednesday night from 7 to 9 PM in the Kresge Student Lounge. Please, come on by!

KMEC's Mission Statement and Constitution

"As members of the Kresge community and the Kresge Multicultural Education Committee, we declare that we shall not tolerate nor ignore the socially accepted inequalities and stereotypes of the society at large. We believe that we must actively work for change, 'Not because we are frightened by conflict, but because we are fired by conscience.' As a community comprised of diverse individuals we believe that we are all accountable for our own actions and our personal environments. Therefore, as community members we choose to take responsibility for the environment that surrounds us. It is our belief that every individual has the right to reach their fullest potential. Consequently, we choose to take daily responsibility to move toward securing an environment that will harvest this potential and thus ridding the community of helplessness and alienation."

KMEC's constitution, which governs how we work as a committee, can be found here. Other documents, like our meeting minutes and budgets, can be found on our Wordpress website.


The officers for the 2015-2016 school year are:

External Vice Chair: Samantha Cardenas (

Internal Vice Chair: Florence Ortiz (

Treasurer: Shayne Clementi (

Secretary: Austin Louie (

Staff Adviser: Omar Aziz (

Descriptions of each officer position can be found in the KMEC constitution, linked above.

Funding Request Process

1. Complete the KMEC budget request form (PDF). SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts & Diversity organizations will also need to turn in a completed Funding Award to a Student Organization form (PDF). Please keep in mind that only individuals and groups directly affiliated with UCSC can request funding from KMEC.

2. Email all completed forms to the treasurer by 5 PM the Wednesday before the meeting your organization would like to present at. The treasurer will review the forms, confirm you and/or your group's eligibility to receive funding with KMEC, and work with you to set up when you and/or your group will come make a funding presentation.

3. Come and present at a meeting about your funding request. After your presentation, KMEC will discuss and vote on whether or not to approve your request. The treasurer will inform you of the results within 48 hours.

Any questions, comments, or concerns about KMEC can be sent to