Kresge Music Co-op

The Kresge Music Co-op provides a communal space where Kresge students and bands may practice instruments with amplified sound, as this is not allowed in the apartments. The Co-op is located in the back of the Town Hall Building that also houses the Owl's Nest Café. It is open weekdays until 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 12:00 a.m.

Outdoor Band Performance

Memberships are annual and are assigned fall quarter. Kresge affiliates living on campus get first priority for the 25 spaces. The yearly fee is $25.00. The quarterly fee, if space is available, is $10.00. Eight storage lockers for musical equipment are available at the beginning of fall quarter, priority goes to those members with drum sets and larger equipment.

To allow as many members as possible to participate, key holders must share time and sign up weekly for the space. The schedule is posted at the Kresge College Programs Annex door each Monday by 12 p.m. Every member may sign up for one time slot the first 24 hours. On Tuesday afternoon, any remaining slots are up for grabs. Events in the Town Hall Auditorium take sound priority so the Co-op is subject to last minute schedule changes, as needed. Members will be notified by email, time permitting.

The student Music Co-op Manager, in partnership with our members, plan and produce concerts in the Kresge Town Hall. This schedule varies with participation and space availability. Please see the monthly Kresge College event calendar for upcoming dates.

For more information, please contact the College Programs Coordinator, Pam Ackerman at or  (831) 459-4434