Media and Society Lecture Series: 2017-2018

Media and Society, now in its second year at Kresge College, is a series of lectures and discussions on the overlapping roles of media institutions, journalists, universities, and intellectuals in contemporary society. The series aims to serve the UCSC campus in a vital but sometimes overlooked function of the liberal arts: to cultivate public knowledge and discourse, and guard our freedoms in expressing and debating that knowledge.

Now more than ever, it is clear that the role of "the media"—including professional journalists, "citizen" journalists, traditional and non-traditional news organizations, and including conduits ranging from print to podcast—is vitally important and changing. Media and Society provides a forum in which to discuss the implications of that dynamic media landscape, while making clear Kresge's long legacy as a college of writers and journalists. 

Our office is working with staff and student members of Student Media, City on a Hill Press, and dedicated alumni to ensure that some of the best educational opportunities in the study of media and journalism will be maintained and strengthened at Kresge College.

list of names of speakers, photos of them, and descriptions of their talk