Kresge Garden

The Kresge Garden is home to a community of students who share a common interest in gardening. It is a space where students empower themselves to learn how to grow their own food from seed, dig beds, create a functional compost system, and work together cooperatively. Students share skills, previous gardening experience, meaningful conversation, and a passion for fresh food. Check out volunteer opportunities and current projects on the Kresge Garden Co-op website.

The garden hosts an apple orchard, a culinary herb garden, greens, and an assortment of other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The garden is also the center of two academic opportunities at Kresge College: the optional two-credit lab in Food Systems, and a two-credit spring internship, KRSG 63 (Kresge Garden Cooperative). Check the Kresge class schedule and catalog for more information.

For students who can't take the class, volunteer and community opportunities are available. Come garden with us!