Core Writing Award

2017-2018 Kresge Core Award winners, Kresge faculty, and Provost Carson

The Kresge Core Writing Award honors the strongest essays written in each section of the Core Course. Our faculty and staff are proud to recognize the hard work, exemplary critical thinking, and outstanding writing displayed by the student writers of the winning essays, and we would like to acknowledge and appreciate the winners for their commitment to writing, their dedication to the values of Kresge College, and their engagement in the Core materials.

We especially want to commend the Kresge Core Writing Award authors in honor of the late Don Rothman, beloved writing teacher, who inspired the campuswide Core Writing Awards with his noteworthy commitment to recognize first-year achievement in writing.  Don often said “We write to avoid the humiliation of silence in the face of cruelty and injustice,” and we know he would have been overjoyed to read these remarkable essays.

All first-year students are encouraged to submit their essays to the campus-wide Humanities Rothman Writing Award. Please review the submission guidelines and award details).

2016 Writing Award winners:

  • Zaire Armstrong: "The Complexity of the Common" (Faculty Lisa Schilz)
  • Gigi Bachtel: "Walking Away From Omelas" (Faculty Stewart Cooper)
  • Huihao Chen: "The Book of Truth" (Faculty Farnaz Fatemi)
  • Kallista Dilliner: "One or Two? Red or Blue?" (Faculty Denise Silva)
  • Alea Evans: "Black and Proud?" (Faculty Liza Monroy)
  • Olivia Fisher-Smith: "Space Travel and Black Power" (Faculty Stewart Cooper)
  • Melanie Gounas: "Sigma: How Does It Affect the Public's Perception of Mental Health Patients?" (Faculty Juliana Leslie)
  • Juliet Hayes: "The Responsibility of the Queer International in Resisting Homonationalism" (Faculty Juliana Leslie)
  • Maxwell Howard: "On the Alteration and Creation of English: Cases of Language-Based Activism" (Faculty Stephanie Chan)
  • Diego Martinez: "La Historia de Esperanza/The History of Hope" (Faculty Ben Leeds Carson)
  • Aidan McLain: "Reflection: The Tree" (Faculty Juliana Leslie)
  • Luis Medel Galicia: "Came in a Box, Left On a Bus" (Faculty Liza Monroy)
  • Juan Pablo Morales: "A Rhetorical Analysis of Gloria Anzaldúa's 'How to Tame a Wild Tongue'" (Faculty Lisa Schilz)
  • Phoenix Murphy: "What Makes a Good Ally" (Faculty Paul Skenazy)
  • Meggie Nguyen: "America's White English" (Faculty Melissa Sanders-Self)
  • Brandon Nimmers: "Between the Coates and Me" (Faculty Veronica Flanagan)

2015 Writing Award winners:

  • Sophia Almendras: "The Unity of Self and Sex" (Instructor Brett Greider)
  • Ivan Beltran: "Knowledge is Hope" (Instructor Veronica Flanagan)
  • Eric Harrold: "Preacher and Politician: A Rhetorical Analysis of MLK's 'I Have a Dream' Speech" (Instructor CB McKenzie)
  • Kimberlly Lainez: "Here is the Truth" (Instructor Stephanie Chan)
  • Franz Manguray: "Untitled" (Instructor Farnaz Fatemi)
  • Tinsley Nugent: "Untitled" (instructor Juliana Leslie)
  • Imani Outen: "The Great Work of an Angel Unnoticed" (Instructor Stewart Cooper)
  • Corey Pessin: "The Angel in Disguise: Creating Family" (Instructor Stewart Cooper)
  • Gabriella Ruiz: "The Problem with the World" (Instructor Melissa Sanders-Self)
  • Pulkid Sood: "A Human Face" (Instructor Lucas Fain)
  • Allison Tisbe: "Victim of SWE" (Instructor Liza Monroy)
  • Monique Tso: "The Power Dynamics of Tongues" (Instructor Denise Silva)
  • Giovanni Vega: "Two Roles: A Rhetorical Analysis of Robert F. Kennedy's Encomium to MLK" (Instructor CB McKenzie)

2014 Writing Award winners:

  • Silvia Ordonez: "Poverty the Travel Agent" (instructor Denise Silva)
  • Alexander Castron: "To Be Known By Name Alone: An Analysis of Roy Cohn's Role in Evincing the Effects of the Elementary Unknowability of the Closeted Homosexual" (instructor Liza Monroy)
  • Emely Solis-Sandoval: "A Better Life" (instructor Liza Monroy)
  • Ashley Morse: "Documenting the Undocumented" (instructor Veronica Flanagan)
  • Kyle Hayden: ”Ignorance is Bliss" (instructor Lucas Fain)
  • Anny Huang: "Using the Temporality of Rights to Explain Racialized Anger" (instructor Stewart Cooper)
  • Hannah Mae Miller: "Forging the Way to Progress: Rejecting Verdicts by Practicing Love, Justice and Forgiveness” (instructor Stewart Cooper)
  • Perla Ponce: "The Big Problem" (instructor Stephanie Chan)
  • Salvador Campos: "A Sequence of Signs: An Essay on Signs of Alison Bechdel's Sexuality" (instructor Stephanie Chan)
  • Raquela Bases: "A Retroactive Taste of the Bitterness of Inequality" (instructor Melissa Sanders-Self)
  • Madisyn Barbour: "Lessons from the Lives of the Undocumented" (instructor Melissa Sanders-Self)
  • Mingzhou (Cloud) Guo: "Forgiveness is Ambivalent" (instructor Brett Greider)
  • Aijia Erika Gao: "Unlearning Ideology" (instructor Brett Greider)
  • Jaskiran Kaur: "Underground America: A Voice for the Voiceless" (instructor Farnaz Fatemi)
  • Amelia Horning: "Street Harassment" (instructor Juliana Leslie)
  • Andrea Min: "It's a Small World After All: Cultural Representation in the Media" (instructor Juliana Leslie)