Kresge Core Course

Provost Ben Leeds Carson at Fall 2016 Core Plenary

Power and Representation

Power and Representation is an introduction to critical reading and writing skills. The majority of our texts are short essays on a variety of contemporary social problems, and on the interplay between representation—the ways that individuals are seen, heard, and understood in society—and power—how those representations determine our privileges, responsibilities, and capacity to pursue happiness in the world. In the 2017 syllabus, we are placing special emphasis on activism, that is, on the question of how individuals and communities can intervene, take action, and advocate, for social justice. 

Like all college 80 courses, Kresge 80: Power and Representation is a course in university discourse, that is, a course in the styles of reading, writing, questioning, and argumentation, that empower the best learning and research in a university environment. Among the chief goals of Kresge 80 is the development of approaches to writing: how to organize sentences and paragraphs, claims and evidence, citations and their contexts; and comprehending differences among genres, purposes, and types of audience.

Core course seminars are limited to 26 students to provide an opportunity for students to work closely with each other and the instructor. Students will enroll in a specific core course section based on their satisfaction of two writing-related UCSC requirements: ELWR & C1. Students who have not satisfied both the ELWR and C1 requirements prior to enrolling at UC Santa Cruz will take Writing 2 after passing the core course, to finish their lower-division composition requirements and prepare for upper-division course work at the university. For more information on Core course placement and selection, please review: New Student Advising Guide - Core Course Selection.

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