Kresge College Renewal


Construction Updates, Activities and Impacts: March 26, 2020 

(Dates and plans are fluid and they may change) 

R8 pathway – The pathway behind R8 is now open again for foot traffic.

Utility work – Porter/Kresge Road – Work Crews have marked the road to locate utilities that run underneath the road. If needed potholing will begin shortly.  The road will remain open and have traffic control staff on the road as needed. 

Town Hall Complex – The Town Hall Complex demolition got delayed a week due to the weather.  Demo will begin March 30thand is scheduled to last approximately three weeks.

RNEW Residence Halls– Shotcrete work has been completed.  Concrete work is to begin soon.


Construction Updates, Activities and Impacts: Februrary 28, 2020

(Dates and plans are fluid and they may change)

 Power Outage:  March 2, 2020 – R6 & R8 – 7 am – 4 pm the power will be out in these two buildings in order to reroute the fire alarm panels from Town Hall to R8.  If work goes well, power may be restored earlier than 4 pm. Residential students will receive an additional notice about the power outage.

Fire Alarm Testing: March 4 & March 5 - As a check to make sure all the alarms at Kresge Proper are back on-line after the Town Hall fire panel re-route there will be testing on March 4 & March 5 starting after 9 am.  Fire Alarms will go off in all of the buildings located in Kresge Proper at various times during these two days.  The buildings impacted include all residential buildings as well as all academic buildings. When an alarm goes off in your building please evacuate.  You can return to your building once the alarms are silenced unless instructed otherwise by on-site staff.  Staff will also be going into selected individual rooms to make sure the local alarms are working properly during these two days of testing. Staff will be on-site to establish a Fire Watch for the days that the alarms are off-line, March 2 & March 3.

Porter/Kresge Road – Safety Concerns:  The road is closed to all non-authorized traffic 24/7. Construction is picking up and the roads are getting more and more impacted with equipment and moving vehicles.

Water main work along the Porter/Kresge Road is now completed.

Shoring - Shoring systems for the project is underway and will continue for the next two weeks 

Finals Week: Work will still continue on-site, but it will be what is called “quiet work” so there shouldn’t be excessive noise coming from the construction site during Finals.

 Town Hall Complex – Additional abatement needs to take place in the Town Hall so the demolition date has been changed.  The Town Hall complex is now scheduled for demolition the week of March 23rd.  

Wood from the old Rec room and the old Town Hall have been salvaged and are currently stored in the Kresge Student Lounge.  The wood will be used for the flooring in the new Town Hall.

February 18, 2020  You will see an increase in people walking the Kresge Site on that day.  We are in the bid process for the Final Phase of the project and a number of sub-contractors will be on-site getting information in preparation to submit their bids for working on the project.  Swinerton staff will be out helping direct traffic and getting the sub-contractors parked so that there is minimal traffic congestion.

Porter/Kresge Road – Safety Concerns:  We still have some bicyclists using the Porter/Kresge Road from Kresge lot 145 to Heller Drive.  Please stay off this road. The road is closed to all non-authorized traffic 24/7. 

Water main along the Porter/Kresge Road is scheduled to be completed by the end of next week.

Shoring - Shoring systems for the project will be constructed for the next three weeks.

Town Hall Complex – Abatement of the Town Hall Complex is now completed.  The next phase of work includes rerouting electrical and fire alarm systems in preparation of the demolition phase of the complex.

January 16, 2020

The Kresge North Bridge near the Town Hall will be closed on Tuesday, January 21ststarting at 7 am. Fencing will go up to block access to the bridge.  The construction crew is doing electrical work behind R8 and they need controlled access to the bridge.  Please use the South Bridge located near the Porter in-fill apartments and the I Lounge. If you are coming from the Kresge bus stop there is a pathway through Redwood Grove apartments that will get you to the South Bridge.  

We ask that pedestrian traffic stay off of Heller Drive.  The work is scheduled to last one day.  Once the work is completed access to the bridge will resume.  

Porter/Kresge Road – Safety Concerns:  We still have some bicyclists and pedestrians using the Porter/Kresge Road from Kresge lot 145 to Heller Drive.  Please stay off this section of the road. The road is closed to all non-authorized traffic 24/7. 

Construction is starting to ramp up near and on this road. A water main is scheduled to start being installed along the Porter/Kresge Road next week.

January 2, 2020
A fence is up behind R8 to block passage to the dirt path behind the building.  The path will be blocked until around 1/17/20.  The Construction crew are doing temporary power and fire alarm work in this area and they need to block the path off from pedestrian traffic.

The Porter/Kresge road going North from Kresge lot 145 to Heller Drive is blocked off  for construction traffic only.  No unauthorized vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians should be on this stretch of road for the duration of the project.

R7, the Triplets, and the Rec room have now been taken down.  

Asbestos abatement in the Town Hall Complex is in process and the demolition of this building will begin soon.  The Town Hall Complex is the last building to come down during the first phase of construction.

The construction trailers are now on site.  They  are located in part of lot 147 next to Annex B and the I Lounge.  The remaining lot is available for regular permit parking.

Kresge Lot 143 is available for regular permit parking.  Kresge Lot 145 is currently off-line for a Physical Plant project not related to the Kresge Renewal project.  Lot 145 is anticipated to become available for regular permit parking in mid-January.

November 26, 2019

Construction Updates, Activities + Impacts Next Week: 

  • Contractor is working on isolating utilities in preparation for demo of R7, Triplets, Rec Center and eventually Town Hall.
  • Excavation will be starting in the forested area, (also known as the Kresge Meadow) where the new residential halls will be located
  • R7 demo will be starting soon, as soon as the Contractor isolates utilities.  We anticipate this will be next week.  
  • Abatement for the triplets and rec center will continue.
  • Jobsite trailers will arrive sometime in December; we are working on finalizing a new date with the Contractor
  • A small closet is scheduled to be built in the Kresge Student Lounge to store the wood flooring from the racquet ball court that is going to be repurposed in the new Town Hall building
  • The December 5thTown Hall meeting is going to be rescheduled for some time in January.

Information for Reference

  • Work time when school is in session typically will run 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday.  There will be noise restrictions for dead week / finals week.
  • Porter / Kresge Road will be closed to the public from upper Heller (new North Remote Lot 150) to Lot 143 through August 2021.  Contractor and emergency vehicles only will be allowed southbound on Porter Kresge Road from Heller.  Vehicles entering onto Porter Kresge Road from the south can turnaround at Parking Lots 143/ 145; the road will be closed to through-traffic north of parking lots 143/ 145.
  • Road restrictions apply to pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well.

Look Ahead 

  • We anticipate demo of the Triplets starting Dec 16
  • Pedestrian and Bike Signage, and general project signage, will be posted in December

October 30, 2019

Construction Updates, Activities & Impacts:

  • Contractor mobilization and survey work has begun.

  • Work time when school is in session typically will run 8 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday.  There will be noise restrictions for dead week/final week.

  • Porter/Kresge Road will be closed shortly to the public from upper Heller (new North Remote Lot 150) to Lot 143 through August 2021.  This includes bicyclists and pedestrians as well. Contractor and emergency vehicles only will be allowed southbound on Porter/Kresge Road from Heller.  Vehicles entering onto Porter/Kresge Road from the south can turnaround at Parking lot 143/145; the road will be closed to through-traffic north of parking lots 143/145.

  • We anticipate trailers will be brought to the site on November 18th.

The next Town Hall meeting to discuss the Kresge Renewal Project is Wednesday, November 13, 6 pm - 7:30 pm in the I Lounge located across from Kresge J & K apartments.

The initial site preparation has been completed.  We are now in the set-up stage for Swinerton Construction company to come in and begin preparation for construction to fully begin.

October 10, 2019

Key Dates:


  • Work time when school is in session typically runs 8am—4pm, Monday—Friday
  • Once construction begins, Porter/Kresge Road will be closed to the public from upper Heller (near North Perimeter Lot 150) to lot 143 thru August 2021
  • Contractor traffic/emergency vehicles will be one-way southbound form Upper Heller to lot 143 through the duration of this closure
  • Pedestrian traffic from Camper park will need to use the sidewalk on Heller Drive once the Porter/Kresge Road is closed off for construction and emergency vehicles.


  • Swinerton Construction will start to bring in their trailers to be used for their on-site offices November 1. Kresge main lot 145 will be closed off to all non-construction parking. 
  • Lot 143 will be partially used for a construction trailer and the remaining lot will be available for permit parking
  • Lot 147 will not be affected by the project
  • The next open Kresge Redevelopment Town Hall will be, Wednesday, November 6th,

6 pm – 7:30 pm in the I Lounge

August 28, 2019

Welcome to Kresge College. The coming academic year is going to be an exciting one at Kresge. After three years of planning and thousands of hours spent in meetings and town halls involving students, staff, faculty, alums, and architects we are starting the construction phase of the Kresge Renewal Project. This is a four-year project. Construction is scheduled to end in fall of 2023. You can read more about the project and see renderings online at

The project will include a new Kresge Town Hall, new and renovated lounges and outdoor gathering spaces, new student and faculty academic space, and new and renovated residential space. The project will also include a new academic building that will house classroom space, the Kresge College Academic Office, computer lab and be home to the Science Communication Program, History of Art & Visual Culture, Film & Digital Media, and Writing program offices.

Once the project is completed we will have approximately 400 new beds for first-year students in three traditional style residence halls, and 280 beds for continuing students.

The project was designed to use the existing footprint of Kresge College in order to have the least amount of impact on the environment. The three new residential buildings were designed to curve around some of the larger redwood groves located in the Kresge Meadow.

Although Kresge will be under construction we will be providing all the services and programs we have offered in the past. Starting fall 2019, we will have approximately three hundred new frosh living at Kresge and another 40 Kresge frosh living at Porter College. The Kresge students at Porter will be housed together in Porter B-Building and as soon as space becomes available we will be moving those students over to Kresge.

Initial site preparation is scheduled to go from late August to early September, from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Typically, the construction crews do not work on the weekends. When they do it is by special permission and notices will go out to the community prior to the weekend work happening. We have the earlier and later construction time during the first phase to get as much site work done prior to when the majority of our students get back on campus.

We will use this blog to update the community about the project as it progresses. We will also have town hall meetings throughout the year to update the community on the project. Fall quarter town hall meetings are scheduled in the evening on October 2, November 6, and December 4 in the I-Lounge near the Porter Apartments.

Key Dates:

Late August - early September

  • Fencing goes up around Phase 2 construction site (see map [PDF])

Early September

  • Site preparation begins
  • Porter/Kresge Road closed to the public from North of the Piazetta Main entrance (across from Lot 143) to the North Perimeter Lot 150
  • Traffic from Kresge Lot 143 to the Porter Main entrance will remain two way and open
  • Kresge Lots 143 and 145 (main Lots still fully accessible to public)
  • Kresge Lot 147 (near I Lounge fully accessible to public)

There will be no construction work during our main move-ins, Sept. 20—22. Work time when school is in session typically runs 8am—4pm, Monday—Friday.

If you have any questions about the Kresge Renewal Project please feel free to contact me.

Mike Yamauchi-Gleason
Senior Director – College Student Life
Porter and Kresge Colleges