Parking and Directions

See the links below for maps, directions, and parking information.

Parking options for events at the Kresge Seminar Room and Kresge Town Hall


Parking is free in "A" permit spots in lot 143 / 145, and in the Core West Parking Garage.


We recommend that you park in 1 of 19 Pay Stations in the Core West Parking Garage ($3 / evening after 4:30pm) and then walk to the Kresge Seminar Room or Kresge Town Hall. Other options are to park in metered spots in Lot 143 / 145 ($1.50 per hour), buy an "A" permit from the TAPS Sales Office at the H Barn before they close at 5pm, or park for free in the North Remote Parking Lot after 5pm (if you can find a spot).

UCSC directions for parking at Kresge Town Hall. 

Map and Directions for Kresge College. 

Directions to UC Santa Cruz. 

UCSC Parking lot map.