Parking and Directions

Parking options for events at the Kresge Seminar Room and Kresge Town Hall


Parking is free in "A" permit spots in lot 143 / 145, and in the Core West Parking Garage.


We recommend that you park in 1 of 19 Pay Stations in the Core West Parking Garage ($3 / evening after 4:30pm) and then walk to the Kresge Seminar Room or Kresge Town Hall. Other options are to park in metered spots in Lot 143 / 145 ($1.50 per hour), buy an "A" permit from the TAPS Sales Office at the H Barn before they close at 5pm, or park for free in the North Remote Parking Lot after 5pm (if you can find a spot).

UCSC directions for parking at Kresge Town Hall. 

Map and Directions for Kresge College. 

Directions to UC Santa Cruz. 

UCSC Parking lot map.